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Relationship help this is messed up?

My (ex) he didnt get into relationships alot

i sent him a text telling him how i felt about him and i didnt mention the word love at all..

he called me that night an was like what would you do if i cheated? i said leave you

he was like i cheated on you

and repeditly said im sorry i was drunk

i broke up with him then he said

i am so sorry started to cry an gave the phone to his friend

an his friend was like brian didnt cheat on you he just wants you to break up with him

to make it easier so he wouldnt have to..

well he begged for me to take him back he said he relized what he lost

so i took him back.... then i broke up wit

him cause he said he didnt kno wat he wanted

an now

he is all like im going to get back with you i know i am

i just need time cause i havent been in a relationship in a really long timee

i think its mind games hes playin but i care about him so much

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