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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationOther - Cars & Transportation · 1 decade ago

Why is the height of every underpass displayed on a sign next to it?

Like, it doesn't affect cars. And if you're a truck and you get there and find out that you're an inch too high, then you can't like...turn around. o_O

So maybe my question is, what does a 14' 3" truck do when it comes to a 14' 2" underpass?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    true, a it does not affect cars. true, a truck can't always turn around, but the truck can stop before he converts his truck to a convertible, damaging the overpass, and possibly hurting a person like you driving around in their car. the truck will have to stop and may be able to go slowly under the overpass because they don't always have them marked exact and if that is not possible, will have to back down the highway to a spot where they turn around.

  • Let enough air out of his tires to clear it. I drive a truck hauling heavy equipment from time to time as my job requires me to and have run into this situation, we did in fact let enough air out of my tires to safely pass under the overpass.

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