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How to get over a guy?

I know this guy at my school and I like this guy a lot but I know this guy is way out of my league and seems to like this other girl anyway. I cant tell him how I feel because I know it will go nowhere how can I get over this guy I tried before but I end up liking him again. I just really need to get him out of my thoughts cause I know it will never happen

Thx for the help

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    I know how you feel, it took me a year to get over this one guy that i knew would never like me. You just have to wait it out, theres really no way you can just poof him out of your thoughts. Just keep telling you that you deserve a guy who actually likes you back and not some dumbass who likes another girl. Don't waste your time sweetie, I'm sure theres other guys out there who would be happy to have you :)

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