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? asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Why! Soooo much barking!!!?

Ok.. I have a 13 month old male westie.. When we go for walks anything that moves he barks.. A person, a squirrel.. EVERYTHING! Any ideas how to curb the barking.. I've taught him how to "hush" in the house and "leave it" which sometimes works and I've tried distracting him using treats.. But it doesnt work? Help?

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    This is actually a natural thing for dogs, terriers are the worst for it to be honest!! Dogs bark as a threat even if they don't look scared or if they are playful. He is still only young so as he ages he will calm down a little more.

    If he knows to hush when your indoors, try to teach him this outside too, give a harsh tug on the lead and make sure he pays attention to you instead of the thing he is barking at. He will calm, even though it is annoying!!

    Source(s): Jack Russel Terrier owner.....they do exactly the same
  • Anna
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    1 decade ago

    Not all terriers bark like such. My girl doesn't, but then again we're convinced she isn't a terrier on the inside but a lab.

    Instead of jerking him roughly while on the walk, stop, give him a poke in the side, and continue. Repeat every time he barks. The jerking behavior may just encourage him to bark some more.

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    Westies are a terrier breed.Terriers bark to alert handlers to prey or threat.Terriers are also very active dogs.Try running or jogging with him to help release some of the energy.Also give him something to occupy his mind I.E. a kong or something along those lines.

    If you keep him busy and tired he will have less time to bark

    Source(s): Used to own 2 jacks until someone stole them.
  • 1 decade ago

    It's seriously just natural behavior.

    He'll someday grow out of it.

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