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the hunger games by suzanne collins?

the hunger games by suzanne collins, what is it about? is it any good? is it a hard read or an easy read? i would like a more in depth summary than a brief summary but anything about it is good

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    Okay, well I'll try to go in depth without ruining the book for you :P

    First off, its a trilogy. The third book has yet to be published. If you don't like series, then don't bother.

    Basically, this is it.

    Its set in the future in North America. The continent no longer has countries. It is instead divided into Districts. Each district has their own principle industry. The governing system is in the Capitol. To show the people that they have power over them, each District is forced to send two "tributes" to the Capitol every year. These tributes are kids (I don't remember the range, but it goes into the late teens, I believe). The tributes are chosen at random by putting names into a box and just picking them out. One boy and one girl. Then the kids are sent to the Capitol. During the trip and they're time there, they are treated like royalty. This is new to a lot of them as some Districts are very poor. Then, they are introduced to a crew of people who's job it is to beautify them. A designer and some people to do the handy work. Then this talk show guy interviews them and everything. And they have to win the affections of the crowd during a parade. Now would be a good time to mention that The Hunger Games is a television show. The people of all twelve districts watch it. After all the parades and crap, the 24 contestants are placed into an arena and they have to fight to death. There can only be one victor. Meanwhile, when the action gets boring, the Game Master/Maker whatever thing-y does little things to speed up the process. Forest fire, floods, poisonous plants, terrifying monster things. Just to keep the action going!

    Now, from the personal aspect:

    Katniss provides for her family. Her father died a few years back, and since he had taught her how to hunt and things about plants, she decided that she had to take care of her mother and younger sister. Now, she has to get past a fence to hunt in the forest (this is illegal). But one day while hunting she meets Gale. And they become close and begin hunting together and caring for their families. His father also died. During the reaping (choosing who has to go into the Arena), Katniss's younger sister Prim gets chosen as the girl. Along with the baker's son, named Peeta. Prim is young, so Katniss volunteers to go in her place. She knows she's smart and strong, and that she has a chance.

    I can't really say the rest without spoiling this book for you. But I recommend that you read it! It's one of my favourite books. After you've finished, try the sequel- Catching Fire. They're extremely good books and I didn't want to stop reading.

    The level depends on what you normally read. Its about 300 pages long, I think. Its not hard at all, and its a thrilling read. Hope you enjoy and hope I helped xD

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    Yes, it's AMAZING!

    Every year, the annual Hunger Games are held, and 2 tributes, one male and one female from each district (there are twelve) must be sacrificed. In the Hunger Games, there is only one rule: stay alive. The goal is to be the last one alive by the end of the game, and then you become the winner. When Katniss' sister is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, Katniss knows there's only one thing she must do: take her place. Katniss must fight and survive, all the while "faking" a relationship with the male tribute, Peeta. Who will win? Will Katniss survive?

    That's about it. I would tell you more but it's a really great story and I wouldn't want to spoil anything. I suggest you read it. For the official summary, go to:

    Hope this helps!

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    Okay, I usually give WAY too much detail when I'm talking about books, but it seems like you want that so here goes:

    The book is very good in my opinion. It's not exactly a quick/easy read, but I wouldn't call it difficult either. It goes into some detailed descriptions at times. The details do help you to visualize, though. (I don't know if you're like me, but sometimes too much visual description sometimes confuses me even more). At times, it's really hard to put down.

    As for the plot of the book, it's about a girl named Katniss. She lives in the future, when North America is split into districts. She lives with her younger sister and mother. They live in poverty, and Katniss goes hunting with her friend Gale to provide food for her family. Each year the districts have an event called the Hunger Games. This event is a competition in which one boy and one girl are drawn from each district. They train for the Games, try to win the audience's favor, and then enter the Games. Basically, to win the games you have to be the survivor (so this means that many tributes kill each other off, but others just wait for others to kill everyone for them). There are many extremely difficult challenges and deadly obstacles the tributes have to pass. Katniss's sister is drawn for the Hunger Games. Katniss, in desperate concern for her sister's life, volunteers to take her sisters' place. Peeta, the local baker's son, is also chosen for her district. Katniss is forced to leave her family, put up a fake personality to please audiences, and hurt those she learns to care for. I won't give away any more because I think you should read the book. It really is a great book. It probably sounds a bit disturbing to you (and at times it is), but it really is most intriguing and riveting. There is also a second book called "Catching Fire."

    Enjoy the book. :)

  • Not really hard...idk what you mean by hard though.

    It's about a girl, Katniss Evergreen, who takes her 12 year old sister's place in the Hunger Games. There is one rule in the hunger games: stay alive. (at least that's what I think it is :p). 24 candidates (i think...) compete, and try to be the remaining one alive. Katniss and Peeta (another guy from her town who was chosen) have to compete against each other, and many other kids that are determined to win.

    Sorry if it's not the best i suck @ them.

    Here's a youtube video of a fanmade trailer of the hunger games (it's actually good, not a crappy one) and maybe it will get you into the book. :

    Youtube thumbnail


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    ill try to give u as much info as i can( being that my two yr old is jumping on me!

    its set in north america, the usa collapses. blahh blahh

    there are 13 districts, each district it caged up with high fences and barbwire.

    the ppl inside r under control, everything is scarce, especially food.

    the main character is katniss, her father dies and her mom goes into a depression. so she is left to feed the family. so she starts going out to hunt and trade food (which is illegal).

    every year a male and female are chosen to compete for there lives and a life time supply of food.

    the catch is u have to survive.

    the capitals people watch it live, kinda like the show surviver, except its survival of the fittest,and any one and everyone is free to kill.

    katniss and the her partner fall in love, but theyre can only be one ssurvivor

    its a realllly good series. matter of fact i feel like reading it over. thats once my mother finishes it!

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