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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Nude scenes in the 7th Harry Potter film?

I found out today that there are going to be nude scenes in the next Harry Potter film.

1. Does anyone know what the nudity will be like? As in, they are nude, but "nothing" is shown (the camera never goes there)? or parts showing?

2. Will this affect the rating of the movie? Can there be some nudity and still be PG-13? It seems like they would have to make it PG-13 since so many younger viewers would be seeing it.

3. Were these nude scenes in the book? I saw one scene they are making (a dancing scene with harry and hermione) was not in the book. I was just wondering if they are following the book or just adding in nudity for some random reason. I've read all the books, but its been about 2 years since I read the last book. I can't recall nude scenes, but possibly when they were in the forest (when they started arguing, I believe?)

4. Is the movie still getting split up into two movies? Last I heard it was.

Those are all my just seems weird to have nude scenes in HP...and I won't mind the nude scenes as much if they are sticking to what happens in the book...and I sort of question if they can put those body parts on screens 10 year olds are going to see, which is why I'm wondering if its full on nude or not...

Thanks if you know these answers!


they're cutting out characters??? :( that'll ruin it...

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    1. There's a scene where Harry jumps into the lake for one of the horucruxes. I believe that' swhat they're talking about. I think it's more controversy than what will be shown. Technically all the kids should have grown some so they could show him but I douuuuubbbbtttt it. If he's naked we'll just see his chest.

    2. The director or producer (I think director) talked about this b/c obviously it'd affect the ratings.

    3. It's probably the wedding. Or them being bored in the tent wanting something to do. Stuff will get changed to cater to the trio (which succckkkksss b/c I have characters I wanna see that aren't Harry, Hermione, or Ron. I wanna see Seamus and Dean. And I hope Mrs. Weasley fights Bellatrix and it's really a long scene like two minutes. I have a scary feeling they'll nix her and have Hermione fight Bellatrix or something. Hope not I cringe at how they're giving all the lines to the trio when other peopel should be in the film.)

    4. Yes, they're filming it all now and it'll be split up.

    5. I doubt it's full on. Techincally the kids that started with Harry should be teens now. I doubt they'll do that, it's probably more to do with Daniel being nude for that play he did.

    Source(s): saw the clip also on tv.
  • barry
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    Harry Potter Nude Scenes

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    i'm in 2 minds. David Yates proved he became an staggering director and stuff with HBP. a lot of human beings have been saying that this action picture became out extra suitable than OOP because of the fact David Yates did an exceedingly stable interest portraying how the youngsters felt (hormones :] ). i'm particularly specific Yates does no longer % it to get to revealing, because of the fact a super element of the objective audience of those video clips are youthful little ones, and fogeys does no longer enable their little ones go see the action picture if it became rated R. That being reported, I nevertheless think of that it wasn't neccecary for Yates to have 2 nude scenes. The King's go scene states that Harry is nude for a small little bit of time, yet no longer something different than "their lips met" became reported on the subject of the Harry-Hermione Horcrux image. actually, i do no longer concepts....yet I do. :)

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    1. Yes there will be two nude scenes in the movie - but the director, David Yates is still deciding how to depict these scenes

    2. The rating is still be to determined dependant on how the scenes are going to be depicted - but I think it will affect the rating to at least M15+

    3. They glossed over these scenes in the book without too much info - the two scenes in question is when Ron is being tortured with images of Harry and Hermione "together" romantically, and when Harry almost dies at Kings Cross Station and see's Dumbledore (apparently Harry is going to be naked in this scene)

    4. Yes, the final book is still going to be broken down into two movies

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