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Should i be over him?

there was this guy and he told me that he liked me. i sort of liked it too and it was obvious we had a thing for each other. we were talking for about 2 more weeks and then he asked out one of my close friend. that same day he called me and kept saying sorry for asking her out. i was so mad and hurt i was literally numb. i told him it was ok that day but the next time he called i snapped on him. i told him if he was really sorry he wouldn't be going out with my {friend}. he told me he still liked me A LOT but he couldn't brake up with her. i asked him y he asked her out in the first place and he said because he didn't know that i liked him and he made a HUGE mistake. after that i didn't know what to say. to this day he is still going out with my friend. its been about a month. i don't know if i should just try to get over him or continue being his friend. i am so confused. i know that if i really wanted to i cud make them break up but i don't really wanna start that type of drama. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO PLZ HELP!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Either it wasn't "obvious" to him that you two had a "thing for each other",

    or he knew and made a play for your friend anyway.

    That's all the farther you need to look.

    If you are 100% certain that he knew that the two of you were a couple,

    then you should realize that he is a player and not even consider dating him again.

    Furthermore, if you know he's a player, you should tell your friend, if you care about her,

    and let her know what he did to you and what he's now calling their relationship (a mistake!)

    If, however, you never had a clear understanding with him in the beginning,

    then you are to blame for him being with her and you have no reason to fault him.

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