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what documents do i need to marry in a mexican catholic church if i am an american citizen and he is mexican?

am an american citizen and am going to mexico in 2 months to marry my boyfriend who is a mexican citizen. he went to the church the other day and asked what is needed for me to marry him there. he told me that i need: fecha de nacimiento, fe de bautismo, acta de nacimiento, and prueba de sangre. i know that one of those is my birth certificate but i dont know what the others are. also...i was never baptized but i consider myself catholic and i dont know if i can still marry him without it or will i need to be baptized first?? please help. thanks :) and please only good answers, nothing stupid...i already know that i need a passport and ticket.

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    1 decade ago
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    You need your baptismal and confirmation certificates from the church, and a letter from your local parish stating you're a member in good standing. That's the church side (fe de bautismo is your baptismal record). If you aren't a baptized/confirmed catholic, you can't get married in a catholic church.

    Prueba de sangre is a blood test. You'll also need your birth certificate. Those are for the legal side of things. You *may* also need a certificate from the US consulate/embassy, which you have to arrange for, that certifies you're single and legally free to marry. After you get married, you'll have to register the marriage with the US consulate in Mexico, and then (if you want to) apply for your spouse to enter the US.

    Here's a good link with info:

    I got married in the Philippines -- there was even more paperwork than Mexico! :)


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you need birth certificate

    baptism certificate

    and blood test

    but since you are not baptize you can be baptize by the same priest that is going to marry you

  • 1 decade ago

    A $20 bill.

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