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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetComputer Networking · 1 decade ago

Does anyone around here feel like teaching me how to set up a web/email server for the fun of it?

If you are the sort who knows how to configure a Linksys router, a couple PCs (one XP laptop and one Vista box) on a LAN, hooked to that router, and then how to set up one of those PCs (the Vista box) as a Win Vista/IIS 6.0 (that comes with Win Vista) server -- so that the Vista PC can serve up a web site (starting with an INDEX.HTM file on down), act as its own DNS server, act as a FTP server (to support FTP into the server for remote file add/update/delete work), and maybe act as a couple POP3/SMTP email servers (so the Vista machine can host the web site with support @ email traffic), etc. -- then I really would like to chat with you live and in person... maybe even toss some $$ your way for a couple hrs of admin work.

IF you happen to live anywhere near Bellingham WA (NW corner of the USA) that would be frosting on the cake.

I thought I could make this work, but after 2+ days of screwing with it all I managed to get was a couple tests to work, and a couple PCs that could not browse the web, in trade for a HTTP server that does diddly squat. So far nobody can tell me what the h*#% I am doing wrong.

HELP. Please. :)


Shhhhh. Comcast does not block the needed ports, gives you one static IP (w/o advertising the fact) to work with, and, apparently, will let you go for it w/o paying extra (they already charge too much anyway) for a business account. Could be something to do with the state of WA regs though. Who knows? Anyway, still need a warm body with some NetAdmin knowledge...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Have you checked with your ISP to see if they even allow you to run a sever on a home connection? Most don't!

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