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Apparently I'm a pushover? What do I do about that?

My boyfriend told me that I was a pushover today.

At first I was offended because I don't feel like I am. But then he gave me examples like how i let people make fun of me. I still didn't think so because when they do make fun of me I laugh with them because I really don't care and I'm a person that can laugh at myself. My boyfriend is amazing and I love the fact that he's so honest with me. But this is stuck on my head. I don't feel like I'm being a pushover but apparently I come off as one.

How can I let people know that I MOST CERTAINLY AM NOT a pushover and that they can't mess with me. But I don't want to be intimating. I'm such a friendly and social person, i cannot live without new people coming up to me and saying "hey!"

please and thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would say remain exactly as you are, you seem really sweet and mature in asking your question.

    A push over is someone who permits things that are contrary to his or her values. That dosen't seem to to be you.

    However, if someone does ever push you too far, or starts demanding things you are not prepared to give, resist them aggressively and firmly. When you do that even just once people will know right away that you have limits and that you are not a push over.

    In discovering this they will still be nice to you and nothing will change. They will simply no longer push you too far. As for yor boy friend, perhaps in his value system you are a push over. Perhaps he would not laugh at himself as you so easily do. So that's where the comment is coming from. You might try to help him understand that you're not a push over at all, that you feel this is just harmless fun.

    I hope this helps a little. Good Luck!

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