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Want to learn the piano?

Hey people i really really REALLY want to be able to play the piano but it seems no matter how hard i try i just cant get it right i cant read music but i learn from videos on youtube where they show u how to play witch is a very good way of leanring but i just cant seem to be able to fix my mind in such a way where my left hand can be doing a beat while my right hand does a totally diffifrent beat. Please help!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well I taught myself to play the piano and let me tell you it only took a day. what i do its just use one hand to play you don't really need two hands just take it a step a day and once your comfortable playing with your left start this your right after that try two hands, hope I helped at lease a little :D

  • Len
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Playing the piano with one hand? That might be OK if you're clapping with the other hand. LOL

    Next, someone will be running around on one leg, right?

    The problem you're having is simple to understand and I'll get you there but it won't change your playing unless you come down to Earth and go about this sensibly as one person here has said.

    First things first:

    You can't hope to learn to play the piano by watching videos. That's why you aren't learning. Videos won't "fix my mind" as you smartly said---and you're right.

    There's a couple of things you'll need to do at the same time as a pianist:

    1. Play a fixed pattern in the left hand that gives you a supporting rhythm and gives you a harmonic basis. That means it has to represent the chords that the melody comes out of and depends upon. The main pitches found in the melody will revolve around the chord tones and that's what makes the "bottom" and the "top work so well together.

    2. The right hand melody has to fit the left hand as the left plays the bass line and provides a rhythmic support system.

    To fit these completely different activities in two different hands together, you'll need to either:

    a. grow and develop a second brain

    b. take lessons from a teacher who will take you by the hand AND the brain and teach you.

    c. You might do as many do---they "teach themselves." Of course, that makes no sense because if you know enough to teach yourself, why bother? In fact, why not go out and open a studio and teach the whole town and make a lot of money? LOL

    Your approach is not working because you're smart enough to see it can't work. You were also smart enough to come here for corroboration, so I commend you for that, too.

    Now, then---get yourself to an area public school and ask for a qualified music teacher recommendation and say you want to learn the fundamentals of keyboard performance, that you're especially interested in getting into improvisation.

    The right teacher will be delighted to get someone really passionate about it.

    Anybody can learn to play, I've taught thousands on all levels, from preschool through conservatory and colleges plus a bit in the public school system as well. I've operated private studios, too...and I never met a student who could not learn to play. This is something I'm positive you can do---but it does you no good to be putting yourself down because you don'[t understand how to make your brain and your hands coordinate. Get started with a teacher before you ingrain bad habits and confidence busters.

    Good luck to you. And if you need help, you can email me here.

    Source(s): Music theorist, pianist, and teacher on all levels---many years of it and always great fun.
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Get lessons from a good teacher. I did and they helped me a lot. It'll be a week or two before you can start playing little songs, but you'll get it.

    Source(s): experience
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