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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 1 decade ago

computer audio driver realtek ac'97 audio is gone +2 other questions?

i got a whole new rig

asus m4n72-e motherboard

3.1ghz phenom II 550 Black Edition

EVGA 9800+ GTX ssc edtion

650 watt dynao power

2gb ram (2x 1 gb patriot 800mhz ram)

500gb seagate hd

liteon dvd burner

3 questions,please try to answer all

1.) as with my old motherboard which i thought had a broken dim slot,only 1 gb/1024 is showing up in bios an belarc advisor,an it performs as such,but when i run one stick at a time they both work,an like i said this now is happining with this NEW motherboard also,why arent i getting 2 gb?do i adjust bios? its complicated an dunno why its even matter it should show two,it can handle 4gb/3 usable

2.) I correctly put in the pin plugs on the motherboard for hd audio,i knew i have only 2 crappy small speakers but thought maybe it'd work better for tv out or dvd burning/editiong.Sound worked an even maybe got a little louder than with old motherboard(though i havent tryed the realtek AC'97 on the new motherbaord) buht seemed kinda...i dunno skeaUkylike the speakers were to loud or trying to put 8.1 channels thru 2 stereo crap speakers.i keep trying to uninstall the VIA hi definition audio that keeps appearing after restarts,i've switched the pin plug on motherboard back to the realtek AC'97 plug insted of HD audio,an choose AC'97 insted of hi def audio in the bios.however VIA hi def keeps popping up an i cant enable realtek AC'97 at all after i uninstalled it.i HAVE gone to realtek website an downloaded the 4.02 or whatever latest version was but im only sort of sure what i do in device manager/sounds audio devices,i remember losing an getting it back this method with old motherboard by add hardware/choose location to search/find software automatically or whatever i did but it cant find anything better than or whatever it says an just reinstalls the VIA hi def audio.also can i be told WHAT exactly to do with the realtek AC'97 file i downloaded as im not sure an i DID resetbios to defaults beging to think the plug itself isnt working but the board is brand new or most likly im not doing something right cuz of them (hi def VIA an realtek AC'97 conflicting an i dont know it) or i just never got it in right in the first place

3.)weirdest thing happened, in two different games (an i got more testing to do yet) the screen showed a kinda loaing like screen,i had sound an the lower compass worked an was moving an lower right meter too but the main screen was like a frozen screen that shoulda went away right before the actual in-game action starts.i messed with a video setting an one game worked,one still wouldent one crashed with good video but wayyy slowed down due to skeaking speaker blown audio that i bet was due to the hi def VIA audio or maybe just cuz it hadda error during question IS,will the hi def audio slow down or crash games or should i forget the realtek ac'97 alltogether an just lower the acceleration or ampling qaulity?(which)

or will i still need realtek AC'97 audio drivers/codec AN the hi def just to get sound back now?

3.)if i cant get realtek AC'97 an gotta go back to VIA hi def audio,WILL IT slow down or crash games?even if i lower acceleration or sampling?(which?)or maybe theres a graphics thing happening being this is so new..i thought i installed the nvidia phisyics right an video card works...

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Try installing the correct AC'97 driver for your motherboard. Try DriverCure to detect what you need. Also make sure you are using the correct driver for your video card.

    Is your RAM installed in the correct slots? Certain motherboards only work with RAM if it's in the correct slots. You have 4 slots 2 beige and 2 black. Make sure to install the RAM chips in the same colored slots. If you are still only detecting 1GB after that you may have a bad RAM chip. Just take one out and restart your computer then replace it with the other one. If they both are detected then your RAM is good and you may have a bad Motherboard

  • komula
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    hi, basically replace RAM or the different taking part in cards whilst the computing device is grew to become off and unplugged. RAM is detected without delay there is no longer something you're able to do in the BIOS yet view what's detected after the computing device boots up.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There are BIOS updates for memory and cpu support for your motherboard at ASUS.Get the most recent one it includes all past updates.



    Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3


    Windows XP

    The Audio Driver is on the downloads page also.

    Hope that fixes things up.

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