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A question for you ladies?

Scenario ...... a guy and a girl got hot for each other for the first time. Start makin' out heavy and what he doesn't know, is that she is on her period.

Ok, the question to you ladies is .... do women give subtle signs to a guy that she is on the rag? I can't believe that you don't make out at all during this time of the month, especially with a new found love that just sort of "happened." So, what do you do to keep the guy from thinking you don't "want" him? Do you just come out and say it??


By the way, this was something that happened with me before, she didn't tell me anything until I felt the tampon string. Guess she was just really wierd

Update 2:

People always take things the wrong way ... this was meant to be a general question, I wasn't trying to belittle anyone .... geeez

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    1 decade ago
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, basically she'd just come out and say it. If she was shy, she may just try to avoid your affection or be a bit cold towards you. When a woman's on her period, it is not a pleasant experience, we hate it. We don't want to be too touchy-feely when we've been feeling like crap all week long.

    By the way, for future reference: DO NOT complain (ever) about a cranky girl on her period, because believe me, she ain't liking it either.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    LOL cmon...couldnt you be a lil more sensitive! We aren't always in the mood for 'making out' after our periods ok?? we feel like crap while we gots em! lol besides, (and im not saying it is in your case) but some of us like to make guys suffer while us girls are suffering! jk

    but seriously, it aint easy for us either...its only a week every month lol get over it!

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