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ESSAY HELP: Three reasons why LYING is bad.?

I am brain shot right now and can hardly think of any reasons. I need to get this done quickly! Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    B/c it does not tells the truth and truth is necessary to know how the situation became what it is now.

    For example if you lied and said u did not steal when u did; someone else who is innocent will be damaged b/c of u &b/c the situation was stated in untruthful matter.

    Lying create illusions and so people lose there way from the right direction.

    For example, when you want people to believer what is not true, like magician does he make people confused(create illusion) and so causes people to believe in ideas that are not true. LIke human can make object fly with mind force.... something like that.

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