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Xbox 360/TV Combined issue....?

Basiclly I bought a Samsung LCD 22 inch 2 days ago. I plugged my xbox 360 high definition coloured chords in and audio, i.e. red,white,blue,green,red. Everything worked fine for a day. It then started getting streaks of different colours accross the screen all of a sudden. They would come and go. Now my TV doesn't register there is an xbox 360 plugged in.

I set the button to TV opposed to HDTV and plugged the yellow, red and white in the specific holes but that doesn't register either. I then plugged the yellow, red and white into my old TV to see if it would work and nothing is happening.

Has the LCD broken my video coloured chord? I had the xbox 360 picture on the highest one, 1080p i think it was? Is this the reason for it?


Yer I can watch TV without a problem, do you think my xbox 360 chord is broken?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you have your cable or satellite hooked up to this TV? If so can you watch TV without any problems?

    This sounds like a faulty TV in which case you should be able to return the TV to where ever you bought it and exchange it. I bought a Samsung a few years back for Christmas and had a few broken pixels when I first plugged it in, luckly I just took it back to Circuit City and they gave me a brand new one without even checking the old one out.

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