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Can I one day become a probation officer in Texas with a deferred felony on my recors if I get my bachelors?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have no idea what a deferred felony is, but if you are a minor (and because you are still talking about school, I'm guessing that you may be a minor) your record can be purged when you become an adult. A felony is a felony - but a deferred felony - I've never heard of that. But you do need a clean record to work with offenders.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The rules in each and each state are distinctive. some purposes varieties ask in case you have ever been convicted of a legal. If not, you do not would desire to grant this guidance. yet first, in case you prefer to become a parole or probation officer, you would be able to desire to flow to the State or city workers branch and discover out if a criminal checklist might forestall you from being employed for those positions. on occasion exceptions would be made, as an occasion, in case you effectively executed a probation your self, or have been a juvenile tried as an grownup while the infraction befell. yet a probation officer isn't a police officer, so the regulations won't carry on with.

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