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Why are there still Jehovah's Witnesses, even though they have repeatedly predicted the end of the world?

Their founder did this TWICE. Each time, the flock gathered on higher ground (as if that would help) and waited all night, and then the sun came up the next morning. Epic fail. But what's worse? The people continuing to FOLLOW the epic failure. Since his death, the organization has tried this again and again. The world hasn't ended yet. But why have the Jehovah's Witnesses not ended, when there is this glaring evidence that they are wrong over and over and over about such an important thing? It's ridiculous!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Their inability to face their cognitive dissonance. Lack of humility and lack of maturity.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You say that "since the 1800's they have repeatedly stated in their literature that they do not foretell the future", so why is it that I've got various pieces of Watchtower Society literature in my home that state categorically that certain events will happen at certain times in the future? By what specious bit of reasoning can you say that categorically stating that certain events will happen at certain times in the future is not being prophetic? Russell said Jesus' second presence happened invisibly in 1874. That was changed to 1914. Russell said Armageddon would END in 1914. That was changed to it starting in 1914. Russell said the heavenly call ended in October 1881. That was changed to the mid 1930s. (Thy Kingdom Come page 218 - published in 1891.) Russell also wrote that during the Millennium, on earth, the 'ancient worthies' of the pre-Christian era would assist in the work of ruling over the earth, those men of old being on the earth. But after the Millennium, they would be removed from earth to heaven - not to join the 'little flock' but to form another group in heaven. (See Russell's book 'The New Creation' p 179 onwards; published in 1904.) Now, I won't go on because I know you will attach no importance to Russell's wrong predictions. Nor will you see that the first century Christians never tried to put a date on when Jesus would return (within their generation). You cannot compare them with the date-fixing of your leaders! I have the Watchtower literature that categorically states that 6,000 years of man's existence on earth would end in October 1975 and that all JWs confidently expected Armageddon to be over by then. You will no doubt continue acclaiming every word of your leaders, refusing to think about all their false predictions, because they have told you that it is your attitude to them that will determine if you enter life or go into eternal 'cutting off'. That's in the Watchtower 1 August 1981 page 26 para. 20. Has it never occurred to you that you cannot keep your eyes fixed on these men whilst simultaneously keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus? But I suppose you think your leaders are on a par with Jesus Christ and that to look to them is to look to Jesus. Heaven help you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Actually Jesus predicted the end. Jehovah's Witnesses are just sounding the warning.

    Would it be too much to ask for a source for "the flock gathered on higher ground (as if that would help) and waited all night, and then the sun came up the next morning."?

    "when there is this glaring evidence that they are wrong over and over and over about such an important thing"

    A source for this claim would be nice as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    When will people just stop with the ignorance of us predicting when is the end of the world?

    We never have and we acknowledge that no one not even the Son of Man which is Jesus knows but the Almighty Jehovah God about when is this world going to end.

    If you are talking about 1975, we just simply stated that it was the 2000th year or so that since Adam committed a sin buy eating the forbidden fruit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You know, it comes across as truly sad when people have to resort to sly innuendo or outright mendacity to make a point they feel they need to make publicly. Jehovah's Witnesses have never gathered on higher ground and waited all night for any end to come. Contrary to the assertions of one answerer, Jehovah's Witnesses do not announce 2012 as the next date of the end. Neither have Jehovah's Witnesses developed a “mind-numbing language of their own” as yet another commented. Armageddon is found in the Bible. So is the phrase “God’s wrath.” Ephesians 5:6 speaks quite openly about “God’s wrath.” “Let no man deceive you with empty words, for because of the aforesaid things the wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience. “ The Jerusalem Bible reads ‘God’s retribution.’ Noteworthy, too, is the fact that the scripture warns people not to be deceived by empty arguments. Such as “God’s wrath is never coming.” Everlasting life is mentioned in scripture so often as to require no further comment. At 1 Peter 5:2, the apostle Peter commands the older men to “shepherd the flock of God.” Jesus mentions his brothers, sisters, and friends numerous times.

    Jehovah's Witnesses truly do not have a problem with legitimate questions and concerns or with those who sincerely challenge what they feel are questionable doctrines or teachings. But to resort to that which places one inches away from slander is indefensible – on any level.

    All the best to you and yours.

    Hannah J Paul

  • Andy F
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Hard to say, really.

    I think one possible answer is that the prophecies about the end of the world haven't turned out to be central to the religion. I'm not a JW, but my guess is that many people are attracted to the religion for other reasons -- for example, its racial inclusiveness and its pacifism, for starters.

    But then, why are there still Christians?

    Haven't different Christian thinkers also been predicting the imminent end of the world for nearly 2000 years now?

    -- answer from a [relatively] friendly agnostic

  • 1 decade ago

    Russell ?

    The JWs dismiss the many C.T. Russell predictions as ancient history. Russell died 1916 and Rutherford took over.

    Rutherford also predicted the end more than once. Rutherford died 1942. The JWs dismiss the predictions of Rutherford as ancient history.

    Knorr took over. Knorr had F. Franz as a VP and head theologian. The prediction that Knorr/Franz has as a claim to fame was 1975 as the end of 6,000 years which would mark the beginning of the end which would follow shortly thereafter.

    The JWs actually deny there was any false prophecy about 1975. The Watch Tower also blames the former JWs that left as misunderstanding and as jumping to conclusions.

    Knorr died in 1977 and Franz took over and made a prediction or two. Franz died in 1992 and Henschel took over. After Franz the Governing Body as a whole became far more powerful and yet predicted again the 'the time' would certainly be before the end of this century.

    And the followers of the Watch Tower do to this day what ostriches are well known to do.


    Ray Franz was kicked off of the Governing Body and then disfellowshipped for arguing against retaining 607/1914 and correcting it to 587.

    to see the real story see Link 2.


    Here is the latest variation: As of Oct 3, 2009 It seems this idea is being encouraged:

    Bro. Barr (96 yrs) The Righteous Ones will Shine as Brightly as the Sun

    Based on Matt 13. Sower of the wheat and the weeds. Sower is Jesus, the son of man, started to sow in 33 C.E. with the holy spirit being poured out. The sowing DOES NOT mean the preaching and teaching work to bring in the new sons.

    These ARE sons NOT will become sons!! This process of gathering sons will end. It has its limits.

    Main point we got was what Bro. Barr repeated twice, "Jesus Christ meant lives of the anointed who were on hand in 1914 would overlap with those whose lives of the anointed see the start of the Great Tribulation."We see the urgency of Jesus' words. The generation will have a definite end, can't be excessive long. Many of the anointed both older ones and younger ones have died BUT not all will die before the Great Tribulation.

    {[ the key word is ""overlap"" in this talk]}

    Brother Barr is adding time by saying::

    The lives of 1914's 'anointed' would 'overlap' with 'anointed' to see the Great Tribulation. (see last link)

  • X
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Your accusation is what's ridiculous. Shame on you for spreading your hate group propaganda here.

    At lease those with a brain in their heads can see the garbage you're trying to pull here with this so-called "question" that is actually a hate group rant.

  • 1 decade ago

    Gathered on higher ground. Evidence please. The JW behind the idea of 1975, which was debunked in the Watchtower by 1968, was Frederick Franz, an apostate who has his own following now. We haven't and aren't predicting anything but the end of this system under Satan, just as the Bible does, but no date. 7,000,000+ and growing strong. They are NOT going away.

    Edit: Mea culpa. It was RAYMOND Franz, not Frederick, who I hope will forgive my switching names.

    @G6: Jehovah's Witnesses SCOFF at the 2012 date, as anyone not delusional. We do not predict dates, and your latest accusation makes you look foolish.

  • 1) Our "founder" is Jesus Christ

    2) Where is your evidence that they gathered on higher ground etc?

    (...and don't give me rubbish from dodgy sites. There are sites promoting that lizard aliens have been running the world recently... do you believe that also?)

    3) Our beliefs are not "a failure" ... unless of course you want to say that the Bible is a failure.. and if so, your issue is with God (as it is His word)... not us.

    4) What do YOU believe in? .... (not that we would trawl deceptive internet sites in search of rubbish to discredit your beliefs of course)

    5) We don't predict the end of the world.

    6) Jehovah's Witnesses are vastly increasing in numbers daily... there's no chance of us "ending"

    7) The only thing that is ridiculous is this "question"

  • danman
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    They have developed a mind-numbing language of their own. This dialect is full of words that inspire fear, Armageddon, world destruction, God's wrath, they also generate hope by sprinkling words with lots of healthily sounding love, kindness, brotherly, sisterly, helpfulness, encouraging, group self aggrandizing pats on the back backed up by repetitive upon repetitive use and memorization.

    Use of such expressions like 'loving kindness', righteous organization, chosen people, paradise on earth, life everlasting, clean people, appointed shepherds of the flock, we have the truth, we are in the truth, not part of this wicked system of things, brothers, sisters, friends, Friends all around the globe, pure worship, expressions of God's love, christian guidance..........code words that the mind loves to hear.

    Of course we all would like to have such things and experience them as well. Unfortunately for most of jw's the reality of congregational life is different from the indoctrinated code words paint a picture of..

    Much bickering, back stabbing, pointing of fingers, accusations, petty disputes, adultery, child abuse, criminal activity, within the average Kingdom Hall are literally swept under cover. But they are rampant.The average person newly attending these meetings has no idea about such activities. The assigned elders keep such events secret from the congregation. If action is taken against a member usually a very generic announcement "so and so is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses" is made from the platform....nobody but the offended party knows the reason for the action taken.

    So it is that new members progress and become baptized witnesses, after which they find out(by observation usually) that if they ever try to leave the religion, they will be shunned and disfellowshiped. By that time their entire family is associated and all their friends are jw's. Many stay just so they are not kept from relationships with their family.

    Membership in Jehovah's Witnesses is for life, you can't just simply leave after being baptized.. Thus you ask why they stick around even after major false predictions like 1914 and 1975 see the above.......???

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