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needs some one to spoil new moon for her please?

oops i mean voltory scene


so i saw the full trailer for twilight saga new moon and i have to know what happens to edward when he goes to show himself int the sun light then fights with the voltory or what ever dontworry im going to see it tomorow, hopefully but i just got to know or it will drive me insane tell me the whole thing even the ending dont worry bout spoiling it for me im the type of person who will read the ending of book it makes it more enjoyable. so please letme no what happens in the voltory and stuff thanks

Update 2:

also i saw the part where that guy slams edwards body against the stairs what happens there? thats all i want to know lol i have to know

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Certainly! Id be happy to spoil your movie ;P

    Okay... so obviously, YOUVE NEVER READ THE BOOK

    cuz 1. U spelled VOLTURI wrong

    2. you dont know the names of the characters and

    3.u dont even know the BASIC story!!

    AHH!H have u beem living under a rock, woman??? how can u NOT KNOW???

    okay, well, Edward doesnt die(DUH!) cuz Bella gos to Italy to save him....

    And Demitri slams him on the floor during the fight scene in volterra that was NOWHERE in the books.

    He deosnt die, but the volturi wanted to kill bella cuz shes a human who knows too much, and shes a danger to vamps... bot alice(the little annoying pixie girl) can she the future, so she shows aro(the main volturi, who can read minds with a touch) a vision she saw that bella was eventually gonna become a vampire, so they leave, and all is well, until edward and bella meet up with jacob.... Ed and jake were gonna fiaght, untill bella stopped them, thern edward PROPOSES to bella... its a cliffhanger, u know?

    And in the beginning, it all started cuz bella got cut @ her partry, Jasper was gonna kill her, edward got upse he was endangering her, so he left, thinking it'd be better for her. but no duh, shes zombie and depressed for 4 months, and the only reason she didnt kill herself was cuz she promised edward

    that she wouldnt... but then when her dad treatens to send her back to jacksonville florida to her mom, she goes out to a zombie movie w/ her friend jessica, to show her dad shes not depressed(LIE!)

    ANd then she sees some guys she thought she recognized, but walking towards tham, she sees a 'ghost' of edward telling her not to go. so in order to see that ghost agian, she hops onto some dudes byke...

    And then one day she shows up at Jacobs place with a motorcycle. its her new daredevil hobby to see edward. so thay hang out until Jacob becomes a werewolf...

    then bellas depressed again. so when the wolves are hunting victoria, charlies hunting the wolves and victoria is hunting bella, bella is so desperat to see edward she decides to fling herslf off a cliff. for fun!

    so alice gets a vision of that, and thinks shes dead, and rosalie(the other vampire sister) tells edward bellas dead, so edward pulls a romeo, and goes on a suicide mission to italy(volturi) so they can kill him. of course, bellas not dead, cuz jake-wolf saved her... and then she and alice st off to volterra o save edward... and weve come full circle

    sorry its all sloppy, wrote this in like 2 minutes, witjout thinking much...

    I saw the movie 6 times, read the book 3 times, so i d give better desription, but im doing HW while typing this so...

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i might say that the climax is while Bella saves Edward from going into the photograph voltaic, because of the fact all the suspense provides as much as that area and then that's while each thing starts settling down interior the story.

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