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UN Vs. Congress of Vienna?

Compare and contrast how the Concert of Europe managed affairs of Europe, between the years 1815-1871, to the UN management of the world

between the years 1945-2009. Are there any similarities? Differences

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    The Congress of Vienna and the Concert of Europe are two different things, but they are similar.

    The Congress of Vienna, 1815, was an actual meeting of heads of state, meaning kings, emperors and their ministers. Their business was to order things in Europe after the final defeat and exile of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    The members of the congress were from all the allies that had defeated Napoleon. One representative, Talleyrand, had been Napoleon's foreign minister. Now he represented France for the new King Louis XVIII. They were like a Security Council, except that there were no representatives from other countries (except Talleyrand).

    The congress decided such things as to confirm Napoleon's shrinkage of the 300 cities and states of Germany to 15.

    The Concert of Europe did not meet in any one city. The members were, "We know who we are." They were the ones that had met at the Congress of Vienna. They negotiated with one another during the 19th century. They settled disputes among themselves with little regard for small countries.

    You list 1871 as your final year, but actually the Franco-Prussian war broke out in 1870, and France was defeated in autumn of 1870. The Concert of Europe ended with the rupture between modern France and Germany.

    Between 1945 and 2009, the similarity is that there is a Security Council in the UN, which is like the Concert or the Congress. But the Security Council has become a fossil. The members are the countries of the world that won World War II. The two great members are the U.S. and China. Britain, France, and Russia are punching below their weight.

    A difference is that there is a General Assembly of 200 to 300 countries with equal votes. There are all kinds of committees and commissions for this and that. The most atrocious countries in the world are the only members of a commission on human rights. The UN sends peacekeeper troops from member countries to trouble spots, where they are forbidden to do anything.

    Now maybe you want to add some discussion of your own as to whether you would like things to be as under the Congress of Vienna, the Concert of Europe, or the U.N.

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