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Which Character(s) Do You Think Would Be the Best Narrator?

I am writing a story (more for my own and a couple of my friends' entertainment than anything) that is supposed to be a comedic story that's more based off of character development than a plot. It takes place in a high school (though it's not as cliche as it seems) and follows the story of a group of five friends and their experiences going through their school year. Some examples of those things: a joyride on a motorcycle, a school field trip camping in the woods gone wrong (let's just say somebody goes skinny dipping and their suit ends up somewhere where nobody wants to see it), one character finds one too many hairs in the cafeteria food and starts to protest, and so on.

But the dilemma I have run into is that I'm not sure who's point of view to have the story from. Originally the narrator's position was being tossed back in forth between the main five characters from story arc to story arc, but I've recently decided that the story itself might be better written with one character telling it. So, I figured that I'd ask who you think would be either the best or more interesting narrator. There are five options for the narrator:

Leena: An upbeat girl with an odd sense of humor, Leena Crouse will laugh at anything that she thinks is funny despite how rude teachers might think it is. She seems to be blissfully unaware of the presence of authority figures and has a bad habit of talking when they're talking. There are three things that she really cares about in life: cartoons, animals, and her friends. If anybody abuses one of these things, she will snap. Leena is biracial with curly dark hair that she usually has pulled back in a ponytail and a skinny figure.

Jack: A guy who wants to get everything done in an organized and efficient way, Jack Baker is the definition of an overachiever. He is slightly OCD and hates it when he loses things, and if he got a bad grade he'd probably cry himself to sleep. Naive and innocent, Jack would never hurt a fly and is a complete pacifist. He is constantly teased by Turasso and is victim to a lot of his (seemingly) harmless pranks (poor guy's found a dozen Kick Me signs stuck to his back). Jack has short brown hair and a winning smile.

Turasso: That guy who you kind of wish you hated despite him being your best friend. Jack Turasso, frequently called Turasso just so he isn't mixed up with his polar opposite (see above), is a video game addicted, metal music listening, potty-mouthed prankster who has no limits as to what he'll do. He's the kind of kid who'll try to get into every group picture in the yearbook or hang somebody's thong up on the bulletin board outside of the gymnasium or "accidentally" slip a plastic rat into the girls' bathroom. This guy is greedy and self-concerned: one particular storyline is him running around with his cousins around Christmas-time and raising money by carolling to buy himself everything he's ever wanted for Christmas. He's actually pretty nice around his friends, though, and would never do anything to hurt their feelings. Turasso is broad shouldered with a deep tan and close cropped black hair.

Marsh: The token typical guy of the group, Matthew Marsh (who goes by Marsh because he hates his first name) is a teenage guy who's passions include playing the guitar, being a complete failure on the soccer team (though he thinks he's awesome), and cars. He hates his famiily (his parents are boring and his sister's the devil reincarnated) and is really into trying out new things as long as somebody's in it with him: steal his father's motorcycle? Only if you'll come too! Break into the abandoned asylum on the outskirts of town? It depends: is this a group project? Wear a button-up shirt and tie? Heck no! He really understands people and could be popular if he wanted to be... the popular kids annoy him though, so he's abandoned any hope of that. Marsh has shaggy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and is a little shorter than average... don't mention that though.

Karly: Armed with a sharp tongue and a creative mind, Karly Whitlock is as sarcastic as it gets. If you say something that she wants to have a say in, chances are she'll have something to say from the opposite viewpoint. She is very individualistic and sees most girls her age stupid and isn't the one to fall for trends. She stands with a slight slouch and dresses in a typical tomboy-ish manner, which most people she knows doesn't approve of. Karly is into art and old music (she and Marsh went as Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain for Halloween) and is slightly danger-prone, though she won't admit it. Karly is pale with long brown, style-less hair.

Those are the five contenders for narrator. Here's a couple of side character to see who exactly they'll have to deal with:

Jackson: A nice guy with a slight mischevious side who identifies himself as Karly's closest guy friend and Marsh's polar opposite.

Carlotta: A tall, slim girl with bedroom eyes and a big mouth who is Marsh


Whoops, sorry about the cutoff. The end of Carlotta's is supposed to say "Marsh's ex-girlfriend from back in middle school and Turasso's dream girl".

Also, there's one more character I'm disappointed didn't get in there...

Lucille: A hyper girl who is utterly obsessed with Jack to the point of clinging to him whenenver she sees him. Jack is afraid of her.

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    You don't want a fly-on-the-wall narrator? I would. Teenage voices often sound mildly retarded. But it's your story so feel free to ignore me. Your characters are all really likable and you write them very well. Each one is complete enough to be a main character so I can understand the temptation to have them all narrate. Leena seems to be the obvious choice, since she's so funny and irreverent. But I'd read a story narrated by any of them. Also, if Leena is closest to your own personality - then have her narrate.

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    Honestly, I have to say it'd be interesting if you did switch the POV :] But since you're not... my first initial thought was Leena because she seems to fit the "mood" of the story. However, sometimes it's more interesting to read a story where the mood and tone of the story are different, such as in To Kill a Mockingbird and A Christmas Carol. They're both adults narrating a story from their childhood, but they narrate it in a childish way. So I'd go with Jack, because it'd be hiliarious to see him from 1st person react to all the situations, such as joyriding a motercycle.

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    If you want a girl to narrate: Karly--sarcasm is humor, and your characrters are going to get themselves into funny situations.

    If you want a guy to narrate: Turraso.

    But those are my personal choices, what I would do. I tend to like the sarcastic characters, and I write about them.

    It would be good with any POV, really. Which one is your favorite? Which do you know most about? That will be the best person to tell your story.

  • First, I'd like to say how much I loved your descriptions of each character. The descriptions were really well thought out and they had my attention all the way through. They were really energetic and fun!

    I think Marsh would be the ideal narrator. He seems the most down-to-earth of the group, and the way you described him almost made him sound very average compared to his friends. It almost seems like he would be the most well-connected with all five of your main characters.

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