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john proctor the cruciblr, his charecter change?

any help?

coursework to be done on it :'(

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    John Proctor relates to the Crucible essentially as the tragic hero of the tragedy. It is because of his lust of Abigail Williams that the witch hunt begins, and because of his delay in coming clean that the town ultimately goes mad. By the time he is ready to do anything to stop the witch hunt things have spiraled beyond his control.

    Proctor changes significantly. He begins the play extremely well respected and willing to do anything to defend his honor. Nonetheless, we don't see any particular virtue- indeed it seems as though he would even let a witch hunt occur just to keep his good name.

    By the end of the play, Proctor is willing to hang on the gallows simply for virtue. His desire for a good reputation is still there, but now it isn't honor that he seeks, but virtue. Proctor by the end of the play is willing to die and be dishonored for a cause he believes in.

    Source(s): The book & sparknotes
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    We basically discovered approximately John Proctor in college!! for the period of the salem witch trials, all of us believed that there became truly witches in Salem. whilst in an ordeal (whilst the guy gets sentenced to an execution), John Proctor stood up interior the midst of it and yelled that that became noncense (which it became). He became a truly sensible guy, and became married to Elizabeth Proctor. on the trial that he stood up at, he became accused of witchcraft, and later, comprehensive. whether his spouse Elizabeth became additionally accused of witchcraft, her sentence became dropped by way of fact she became pregnant. in case you have the different questions approximately him, basically touch me!! =]

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