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How would you handle a credible threat of workplace violence?

I asked this in business and finance and only got one answer there. The question deleted there is: "Spoke to a guy from a company I'm retired from. He made a very thinly veiled threat of bringing a shotgun to work. Could be exasperation, could be real. I called a friend still there who heads up Security and let him know. Did I violate a trust, or do the right thing? I think I'll sleep just fine tonite, as I believe I did the right thing. What would you have done?"

My experience in military is there are a lot of vets who have seen and experienced more than the student who originally answered me.


Well, you guys and gals sure as heck didn't fail to answer, and right quick too. Thanx for that. I worked with the guy in question for 9 years, and he's in terrible condition. For those of you who recall the days of the HRP in SAC, I would have turned this guy in the 3rd day on the job. Poor guy is way overweight, needs back surgery, but doc's won't touch him (surgical risks), pops pills like crazy, and is a boozer. This last incident was the final straw. He's probably only half kiddingly mentioned the shotgun a hundered times. This time I took him seriously. BTW, the chief of security is also an Act 129 LEO in Pennsylvania, and a Sergeant on a local police force near the plant. He's not a rent a cop, but he's in a spot, too. Corporate took firearms away from security guards about 4 years ago. Pitifully political correct move.

Update 2:

Ouch. That's Pennsylvania Act 120, not 129

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    I think you did the right thing. I think calling the police would have been overreacting, but calling a friend in security, off the record, to give him a heads up is not only the right thing to do, its the morally right thing to do.

    Violence in the workplace is nothing to sneeze at or discredit, especially in the tough economic times we have now. Add his lifestyle and i can see your concern.

    I spent 12 years working for a company, and they had armed contract guards the entire time. The guards only worked one at a time, and long 13 hour days, but we all got to know them and they became part of our 'workplace community'. The post was to provide security from external threats, so there was no conflict with socializing with employees. You are correct in saying that removing armed guards is a political move, and a foolish one. The company decided to cancel all guard service, and within 6 months, there were 4 robberies across the region. Before that, there was one in 12 years.

    So, yes, your friend is in a tough spot, but as a sworn LEO, he should have the ability to carry a service weapon at his discretion, regardless of the company's policy.

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    You did right. A threat with a weapon or any threat such as this should not be taken lightly. Especially in today's crazy society.

    People are cracking under the financial pressures we all face today while our government sits idly by watching the show.

    You might want to also make a call to the authorities. It may seem excessive but a rent a pig doesn't stand a chance against a crazy with a .12 gauge, nor do they have the tools or training to deal with this. Frankly, they are not paid enough to put their lives on the line either.

    Either way, you need to make a statement to the authorities to cover yourself and anyone else if the guy does go south.

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    It depends if you guys were hanging around and he just made that comment in the middle of a conversation or you have any idea he might have either been joking or screwing around yanking your chain I would still do what you did. If you have a hunch he might seriously consider hurting himself or others then you should have contacted the head of security. Depending how well you know him i would consider getting him to see a therapist. my great uncle on my mom's side who I see almost every day is a ex green beret who served in vietnam he's been threw some sh!t recently and whenever anything didn't go his way he would get real mad and basically want to wipe it off hate face of the earth. Then he was ordered to go to anger management and it seemed to help him a lot. It never worked for me but I will tell your friend going to see some professional help won't hurt it'll only be a hour of his life.

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    Nowadays it doesn't even matter if you're joking. You just CAN'T say that you're going to bring in a shotgun to work!

    THAT is a terrorist threat!

    In the Detroit area, it is so depressed that even on a good day, the people that do have jobs are still so incredibly stressed that that kind of statement should ALWAYS be taken seriously.

    EVEN IF the person who said it was only half joking.

    I would have done the same thing because if that person tells ME that they are bringing a gun to work, I would assume that I would probably be target #1!

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    I think you did the right thing....what else were you suppose to do not tell anyone. Yeah it could of been him venting but people shoot up buildings all of the time so yeah I would of done the same thing. And anyways how is the guy ever gonna know you told security unless he does bring the gun to work and in that case your were protecting the trust and respect your old friend at the company had in you as well. So JOB WELL DONE!!

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    Well anyone could come into my church at anytime and start shooting for any reason, I think htere are already special forces guys packing heat (we are a military community) but since I do not have a gun in my bible I have gone over what I would do in my head if I were not wouded too bad and how I would tackle the guy if he had his back to me.

    I am a stay-at-home mom, I work at church in a nursery so I am not going to carry a gun.

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    Had this guy been drinking and was just mouthing off? If not, then yeah, notifying security is the thing to do. This puts the alert in the system without getting cops involved, as if you told the cops either they would do nothing (frequently) or they would go harass this already possibly unstable type. Then you've put yourself at risk because if the whack job figures out who 'ratted' on him, he just may come for you first.

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    Depends on where this was said, who said it, etc.

    If I'm working at McDonalds and the skinny antisocial emo kid who cuts himself walked by and mentioned how he wants to bring a gun to work and kill everyone I'd probably say something.

    If I'm working in an office and my co-worker, who I'm friendly with, is talking to me and says "I hate these people. I want to take a shotgun and shoot them all." I'd probably let it go since I know the guy well enough to know he is not serious.

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    You did exactly the right thing alerting security at the place in question. It doesn't sound like it was credible enough for you to go to the police but maybe your friend in security will disagree. Putting him on alert was definitely the right thing to do.

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