How do I tell my roommate to eat quieter?

My roommate is a total sweetheart, but she smacks her food when she eats, and I can't take the sound. How do I tell her that without hurting her feelings or sounding like a total *****? Am I being a ***** by being irritated by it?

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    Say it with Monkeys!

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    It's true, you can't convert loud eaters. I've found that if it's something that you know bothers you, then you will naturally do your best to keep from bothering others with it. And I do tell my mom and fiance not to chew so loud, or talk with their mouths full of food (it's so gross and irritating). My fiance will ask me if he is chewing to loud and he will be aware of it before it bothers me, because it's something that naturally bothers him. However, my mom will continue to "smack" and speak with her mouth wide open and full of food. So my only solution is to leave the room. My sister does this too. I leave, read aloud, or put some earphones in my ears. Those sound blocking ear phones work too.

    But if your roomate is a sweetheart then you should just talk to her about it as nicely as possible, chances are more likely a stranger will care more about disturbing others than family members, and she would probrably try to quiet it down. ( I was in her position once before, and it's better if you tell her, rather than her find out by the look on your face.) (^_^)

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    I have friends that do that, so whenever they eat and start to smack and stuff, I eat too. If there's not food around, I usually turn on the TV or turn up some music. If all else fails, you just have to sit her down and say look, I love you to death, but we need to work on this whole eating thing. Not quite in those words, but I'm sure you can think of something. :)

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    The only way would be to bring it up in a joking or humorius nature and hope she takes the hint


    dont bring it up at all becuase it would appear to be a little petty, there are many other bigger issues in the world to worry about and she is only your roommate (not your life partner or close family member)

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    1 decade ago

    I dunno....that's kind of asking a little much....'Hey, change the way you eat for me' just doesn't set well I don't think.

    I think you will have to just deal with it. Lots of things in life you have to just deal solutions. I had an office partner that talked...non-stop. Total motor-mouth. I got use to's much easier to deal with now and take. I've learned how to 'escape' when it gets really bad, but mostly I can ignore it.

    So.....that's what I recommend. Grow as a person....learn to tune things out and deal.

    Good luck


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    You're hosed. My roommate in college was the same way. I politely mentioned it, and he did it louder on purpose, until I just left. People that "smack" while they eat, have no manners. Do not expect her to suddenly display manners, when you tell her to eat quieter.

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    No your not a ***** for being irritated by it, thats one noise i cant stand either. My mom does it all the time, but ill just leave the room cuz i dont know how to tell her, but when my boyfriend does it i have no problem telling him to chew quieter...i dunno why i can tell him to stop but not my mom.....

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