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Does Spybot Search and Destroy find viruses?

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    If you are facing virus and Malware Issue along with Slow speed of your PC..

    Check this out..


    MalwareBytes (Freeware good for Malware, Trojan, Keyloggers)


    Restart you PC..

    Keep Tabbing F8 key and you'll get Advance Boot Menu

    Select Safe Mode with Networking...

    Log in by the name of Administrator..

    RUN MalwareBytes... Updates MalwareBytes....

    Scan you PC Deep scan (FULL SCAN)

    If any Virus, Malware, Keylogger etc delete it...

    Restart your PC again in Safe Mode with Networking

    Then Uninstall MalwareBytes

    And Install Free Version of SuperAntiSpyware Update it...

    Scan you PC in Safe Mode with Networking


    after getting any threat delete all the virus stuff...

    Restart you PC in Normal Mode and check Startup

    Go to RUN->Msconfig->startup

    Stop Start up Programs Check for more it Virus or Non Important Files or Important ones..

    H/W Server Engg..

    Take care

    All the best...

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    Source(s): #1 Antivirus For PC :
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    of course yes because Spybot S&D (short for "Search and Destroy") is a program designed to remove both spyware and adware from a user's computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Spybot performs detailed scans of a computer's hard drive for any files or folders it considers to be malicious, at which point it removes them.

    the main function of Spybot's is to perform a full system scan . Spybot individually scans every file on your computer (or every file you tell it to if you limit the search in any way) and removes anything it knows to be spyware or adware. Spybot can either quarantine the file, which means that no program can access it and it cannot perform any functions, or delete the file from your system outright.

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    I got the same for many programs that i've been using since long time ago and many files that existed on my pc also long time ago. i searched online and it seems like it's a false positive and something was wrong with the last avast update, i think i read somewhere that a fix has already been released but I'm not sure if this is true or if the fix is yet to be released in the next 24-36 hours. I'm now updating my avast, so i suggest you also update yours and see if this stupid false positive goes away. this really sucks from avast although i liked them a lot. i hope they won't ruin their reputation.

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    No, three best programs of all time, I've never had trouble with em:

    AVG (Free Version): Anit-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Link Scanner, Resident Shield, E-mail Scanner

    Spybot: Spyware ONLY

    Malwarebytes': Spyware, Malware

    They're all free available online, safe download site is CNET

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    You can find a great review video here as well as other great videos on various PC related things. Enjoy

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    no, it's an anti-malware software.

    yet, many viruses are also detected by "regular" anti-virus software, so the border is not very well defined anymore.

    it also detects various trojans, and in this aspect it might be as efficient as an antivirus.

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    yes spyware search and destroy removes both adware and spyware

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    I really don't know what they do every time I want to find out anything from them it says I've reached a Program that's not responding> So as to your Question your Guess is as good as mine!

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    No it basically scans for browser highjackers and even dialers.

    It may detect some trojans.But it's also not what you want for complete protection.

    It simply does not run in real time.

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