Is it true that DSL works better when combined with home telephone service?

I was told by my internet/telephone company that the DSL signal will work better if there is home phone service on the line as well. Is this true? I do not really need phone service but wouldn't mind getting it. However, I also do not want to pay for it if I do not have to. If they are right about the DSL working better, can you please tell me why?

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  • Rich Z
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    1 decade ago
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    No. Verizon DSL for example puts in the same connection with and without a home phone. They call it a "dry link" or something like that.

    Either way if you say " I don't want to have phone service" they know what do do and it works as well as any DSL.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's a lie, my dsl works just fine and I only have a data line. Also, my parents have home phone service and DSL from the same provider as me and their service is actually worse.

  • markin
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    4 years ago

    at times the "In-homestead" Filters at the instant are not the main suitable answer. the telephone employer could have one for their NID, what this might do is have a committed interior cord (IW) to the DSL Gateway and all the different IW's would be filtered. it is a great answer for an unidentified interior undertaking like a telephone which could reason a conflict, an Alarm Line (they could be filtered) and in case you have better than 8 instruments which could be filtered (provides up in case you have lots of telephones, fax, satellite tv for pc dishes, Tivo, call id, Answering gadget, etc.) Please enable me understand in case you have better than one million telephone # on your place as this could consequence in yet another undertaking.

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  • 1 decade ago

    nah thats bs. switch to cable. it's faster then dsl usually. shaw beats telus in bc canada for cable beating telus dsl.

    they were upselling you i believe.

    keep yer cell, ditch the home phone, pay 10 bucks for faster cable net (they often have a better package on the normal one i recomend that) has speed testing.

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