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2 heating elements for my ball python?

I have a small ball python, about a foot and a half. Do I need to have 2 heating elements for my ball python? I have a heating mat under my cage for him and a heat lamp on top. Is that too much for him? Should i have both on at all times? I have heard some things about daytime and nighttime temperatures but i don't want it to get too cold for him. Can anybody help me? :)

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    "A 75 watt will do perfectly" No, it will not.

    Not knowing where you live or the size of your set up, how far from your substrate the lamp is, the temperature of your home or even the material of your enclosure, no one can tell you whether two is too much of too little. If I used 75 watt bulbs in my enclosures, I'd fry my reptiles and get readings well over 115* F.

    Get a digital probed thermometer, stick on gages DO NOT work. Lay the probe on the substrate and check your temperatures yourself. If you find it's too much, turn off your lamp and save it for emergencies in case the mat malfunctions.

    You will also need a thermostat to plug your lamp and heat mat into, no exceptions. Many people skimp on the thermostat, but you shouldn't, without temperature control your lamp and mat will continue to throw off the same amount of heat regardless of the actual temp in your enclosure at the moment.

    Temperature ranges for a ball python: 80-85*F (cool side) ~ 88-90*F (hot side). Temps should never be less than 75*F. Avoid temps above 95*F unless your python has a severe case of RI.


    Just so you know, "Serious Business".

    Lamps seriously dry out the moisture in enclosures. Ball pythons need humidity %'s around 50-60%, preferably a bit higher during sheds. You'll be sucking out all this precious moist conditions using a lamp. They are also nocturnal snakes; unless your bulb is red in color, the light will stress them out if left on day/night and they could most likely refuse to eat. On top of that; ball pythons spend most of their time laying at the bottom of their cage, a heat mat that radiates heat upwards is ideal because that is where they are. Pythons take "belly heat", not "back heat" like a basking lizard.

    Just FYI.

    Source(s): Reptile Keeper, 32 ball pythons.
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    Day time and night time temperature doesn't matter in snakes that are captive hatched or captive bred (snakes that are bought from a store). 2 heating elements might be a bit much. I'd stick with just one, preferably the lamp. A 75 watt will do perfectly. Leave the lamp on high at all times, day and night.

    If the heat lamp dies, you can leave your snake an entire day without the lamp so you can have time to replace it.

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