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If your employer claims to maintain a drug free work environment, must they drug test employees?

In my employee handbook it clearly states that our facility is a drug free work place. I am also pretty sure they advertise this fact to their customers. Are they allowed to advertise something like that without testing their employees? I know for a fact that there is more than one employee who uses drugs, but don't know how to go about reporting it.


This is a pre school. don't know if that matters or not, but I would like to think if they are telling parents that they maintain a drug free environment, and their children are safe, they have to be violating something. then again, it could be something that hasn't ever really been addressed legally

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    They have no obligation to drug test their employees and there is no place to report it. If they allow people to take drugs or turn a blind eye to it and tell customers they are drug free, customers would have to prove they did their business there simply on the fact of it being drug free, which is going to be nearly impossible to prove. They are free to have any policy they so wish and enforce it in anyway they feel they should, even if that means inactivity.

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