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how can someone who flies the confederate flag call themselves a patriot?

the confederate states of america were the enemy of the united states and the war that they started killed thousands of americans, so how can somebody wave around a confederate flag and call themselves and american patriot?


and when did i say i wanted to remove the first amendment right no name?

Update 2:

hmm...last i check the south attack ft. sumpter in south carolina...doesnt sound like a peaceful secession to me.

Update 3:

first of all no name, your just assuming i only think the civil war was about slavery. yes, there was a states right issue but your trying to sweep slavery under the rug like it wasnt a big deal. what about bleeding kansas? the public schools taught me plenty about the civil war and the bottom line is the csa was the enemy of the united states. we were the aggressors in the revolution too, but i dont see you waving a british flag

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i didnt thumbs down you tim...but i'll give you a thumbs up if it'll make you feel better

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jozef what the **** are you talking about slavery was on the decline? it was on the decline until eli whitney invented the cotton gin, and after that it became much more lucrative. if the south won slavery would have spread to all our new territories, not go away peacefully.

Update 6:

ok you say slavery would have been gone long before the 1900's...well the civil war ended in 1865, so your saying that in 35 years slavery would be gone? bullsh*t

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  • Julia
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    There's a lot more to it than "patriotism". I live in Gettysburg, the site of a major civil war battle. Tons of people fly the Confederate flag here (in addition to the United States flag) in order to honor the history of Gettysburg.

    Many people also have relatives who fought and died in that war. So just because their relatives were on the "wrong side", they aren't allowed to honor them? That makes no sense! Most of the people who fought for the South in that war didn't care so much about slavery as independence from the United States.

    If America had lost the Revolutionary War, would flying an American flag be unpatriotic towards England?

    Of course, there are people who fly it just because they are racist and unpatriotic, but those people are in the small minority.

    Personally, I have no problem with people flying it, as long as it is flown in conjunction with the American flag, either the 1863 or the modern version.

  • Anonymous
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    Actually, if you truly understood the issue you would see that the Confederacy were against the Union for good reasons. The Union was diverging from the constitution and abusing the rights of sovereign states. There is more to the Civil war than just slavery, yet something tells me you don’t understand that. Also if you read the CSA, you would see that they kept many of the basic principles of the US constitution. You are the product of a public school education that wants to paint the Civil War as if it was only about good VS. Bad. The North was quite the aggressors in the Civil War. Go do some reading on the thousands they killed when they burned and destroyed SC.

    The North was just as racist as the south. If you think the North was the moral side, you are way off. The South wanted to seceded and be left alone. The North was the one who were going to use brutal force to force the seceded states back into the Union. Go read a history book.

    how can you call yourself a patriot since you want to remove the 1st amendment right of free speech?

  • Anonymous
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    The thing is, all of the participants in the Civil War were American. The south seceded for political differences, and the North would not allow this.

    It was the bloodiest war Americans have ever seen.

  • Anonymous
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    yeah because what our flag is currently representing is just oh so wonderful.

    ignorance, scandal, arrogance, laziness, corruption. Great things aren't they.

    The Confederate Flag stands for way more than just slavery, in fact, the Confederate flag doesn't even stand for slavery what so ever.

    It stands for the courage to stand up to a Power, even a domestic Power, and fight for what you believe in and what you feel is right. it stands for those who saw an injustice and chose to rebel against a government who got to big.

    I think its unfortunate they lost to tell you the truth.

    the Confederacy losing paved the way for large scale industrialization in America and changed the way Americans act, it led to what we have today.

    now before you start calling me a racist who must approve of slavery, Slavery was on a decline well before the Civil War started and it is a well supported opinion that slavery would have been dead long before the 1900's roled around. had we let it go naturally and peacefully, we would probably be better off as a country and would've had a black president years ago.

    not to mention if the confederate states would have won, we would have been a financially independent nation.

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  • Anonymous
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    They are patriots to the part of the United States of America that is south of the Mason Dixon line. Now, the confederate flag is considered symbolic of anything that is anti-federal made laws and a centralised United States of America authority.

    The KKK had its roots from the Confederates States of America simply because of their revolt against the 1863 Lincoln Gettysberg address and the Emancipation Act from that speech in 1863. It is pretty mundane from non-Americans viewing America from afar.

    It is so simple that its child's play.

    The battle of Gettyburg however was not, 64,000 American lives lost making this battle still the most costly in American military history. The site for the battle was symbolic since it was where Lincoln delivered his free the slaves speech which more or less destroyed the labour force of the agri-produce South by taking all of their workers from the land and arming them as regimented Buffalo soldiers.

    Source(s): The American Civil War. Whats with the thumbs down you drip? I have answered this question very correctly you Yankee drip!
  • Lilman
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    The people who fly the confederate flag are by far more patriotic than the bums in washington, dc. If you read the books,you will see that the U.S congress said the south had to give up their slaves, but the north could keep theirs. Lincoln was against the blacks, and declared them of a lower class and wanted them to shipped back to Africa. He did'nt change his mind till he saw the bloodshed of the war. The confederate south felt disowned by our government, just like now in the present, the people in this country are pawns to work for the crooks and cronies of our government. It may take more wars in this country, before the people run the government, instead of the crooked mess we got now.

  • 1 decade ago

    The CSA got sick of the Fed telling them what to do and overstepping it's Constitutional scope and authority. They got so fed up, no pun intended, that they tried to secede.

    The Fed refused to let them and a war ensued.

    So, as you can see, a CSA flag is at least as patriotic and the Stars and Stripes because it symbolizes a fight for state's rights as intended in our founding.

  • ?
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    The South just wanted to peacefully secede, the North fought to keep them in the Union... You probably think the Civil War was about slavery, there's no helping you.

    You also probably think the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. Read the wording, it only freed slaves in the states that had already seceded, the slaves in the Union States were allowed to remain enslaved. Its like the US government issuing a law stating that its illegal to be a terrorist in Afghanistan (where we have no jurisdiction) but perfectly legal to be a terrorist in the US (where we have jurisdiction).

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    Sorry but the confederate flag is a part of southern heritage and always will be whether people like you like it or not.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Yes. The Confederate flag is one of the many United States flags."

    Your ignorance is outstanding. The Confederate flag is the flag of the Confederate States of America. I don't care if you're a Southerner or not, the Confederate flag has never been and never will be the flag of the United States of America.

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