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tassy asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

Want health care, not the current Bill?

Just kinda a quick poll here, try not to make your answers super long.

I think that heath care is a good thing, but I'm against the super long bill with a million loop-holes and ton of pork. I just think it's so confusing, I don't have the time or law degree to read it myself. And each side says the opposite of the other on how much it will cost, if it covers abortion, if you can have a different plan.

I'm just wondering who else feels this way?


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  • Artoro
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago
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    Health Care & Health Scheme for the citizen is a must and already too late for the development now 200+ years has gone by. Now is good for Obama to do a start as he should see the 40+ years development of S'pore (a tiny country with little start-off fund) in Health programme for her people. A country he went to attend the APEC Summit in the EAST. Learn from others, no harm and make the necessary changes for USA. Leave the Bill to the Govt to do what they want........for the people just pay the choice.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The constitution of the United States and all of it's amendments only take up 15 pages. The Health care bill is over 2,000 pages. Can you imagine what it will take to administer such a plan??

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    some are. extra individuals are perplexed concerning to the reforms nonetheless, having fallen for the lies and a million/2 truths of the final. A shame whilst the information are so ordinary. i'm continually surprised what number individuals seem to no longer watch concerning to the actual healthcare subject concerns based incredibly on FOX and different sources to unfold lies concerning to the healthcare equipment of the U. S. and those overseas. I advise, if healthcare in countries with known coverage is so undesirable, why do they save it? Obama needs to make coverage extra obtainable to all and alter the equipment so as that it supplies the american people fee for money [a million]. He additionally needs replace so as that the coverage companies locate it extra stable to get out of procuring therapy. The equipment he's featuring seems such as that which fits in Taiwan the place inner maximum companies are in contact in offering healthcare [2]. Obama campaigned on reforming the healthcare equipment. He pronounced he had to make coverage extra obtainable and he replaced into elected to try this [3]. actuality - the U. S. has larger dying expenses for babies the two for babies elderly under one and those under 5 than western eu countries with known well being coverage [4]. actuality – American coverage companies push up expenses and paintings to stop paying out claims on those they conceal [5]. actuality - the U. S. spends extra on healthcare consistent with guy or woman than the different usa interior the international [6]. because of the fact of this a ineffective American 4 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous might have had a extra useful hazard of existence in the event that they have been born in any western usa with known well being coverage. in case you do no longer basically like the regulations that Obama replaced into elected to usher in, he can continually be voted out of place of work in 2012. yet once you disagree with the information, please enable me understand. i'm continually prepared to study, yet please supply information. None of people who disagree with me have been able to try this so far.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago <-----watch the last video on this page (it's short)

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