How do Green Beret promotions work?

Can you be promoted ranks while in the Green Berets and become a general after you're out of it?

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    Yes, you can get promoted while in CMF 18. It is a faster promotion rate. And if you're an officer, it is possible to become a General.

    Monty and Jeeper - it is incorrect to say that enlisted SF Soldiers use the same promotion rules as other enlisted Soldiers. SF Soldiers may be promoted without waiver to E-4 as soon as 12 months without regard to normal TIS and TIG rules. SF Soldiers are also promoted to E-5 immediately upon completion of the Q Course without having to be recommended for the board. Also, those who are already boarded are immediately promoted to E-6 upon completion of the Q Course. Otherwise, they can be boarded and promoted to E-6 without regard to TIS and TIG rules as soon as they get to Group. There are several other advantages for those starting out in MOS 18X. The Q Course is also the equivelant of WLC and BNCOC for NCOES requirements. Also, when you consider that each line company (minus HSC) is run by a SGM instead of 1SG, then you can see it is not that difficult to stay in Group. There are handful of other positions in Group filled by SGMs. And - the USASOC Commander is a 3-star.

    Source(s): AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions
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    If your enlisted, then enlisted promotions work the same way as in any other unit at least until you make Sgt Major. Then you will have to have a Sgt Major slot to fill, if none are available in SF, then you go to another unit that needs a Sgt Major.

    If your an officer, you may or may not stay in SF during your career.

    IE: you can move between SF and regular units and then back to SF in the future.

    You can be promoted to 2 star and still be in SF, and there are prior SF officers that have reached 4 stars.

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    Not sure, but I do know you will gain rank way faster then everyone else.

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    it depends on how long you have been in it (that,s it nothing more ,nothing less).

    Source(s): u.s.military retired (army) 1975-2008 33years .
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