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I have a movie question I think its a sled dog movie?

Hello there I need some help looking for a older movie I think its a sled dog movie its about a boy and i think a wolf mix dog...

the boy finds a dog and he teaches the dog to become a sled dog by pulling him on a skate board or rollerblades I'm not to shore...

If I remember right the boy just moved to a new house and he does not like it there until he finds the dog...

and if I remember right the other racers has a problem with the dog being half wolf...

I don't know if anyone remembers the name of the movie but I hope someone knows it...

its probley from the early 90's or late 80's I don't remember what year it is from...

please help...


I don't think its white fang the boy is younger then the guy from white fang.

its about a young boy who finds a sick dog when him and his family move to a new home and he takes care of the dog until hes not sick anymore and he finds out about dog sledding races but the people doing the dog sledding races don't like the dog because hes half wolf but the boy still gets the dog into the race and I think he wins.

If I remember rite the dog learned how to race by the dog being tied to a rope to a skate board and the boy sits on the board and he has him pull him...thats how the dog learns to pull the sled I think its a skate board it might be Rollerblades...

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    Hello – The movie you're looking for is either Silver Wolf or Kayla. Both were made in 1999 and both are available on DVD.

    Silver Wolf is about a teenage boy whose father dies and he goes to stay with his uncle. The boy is a snowboarder. He rescues a wounded wolf and trains 'Silver' to pull him on skates during the summer, then enters him in a race during the winter to pull him on his snowboard. Some of the locals do not want to wolf to run because of what he is and they make trouble for the boy and Silver.

    Kayla is about a boy who rescues a wild dog (an Alaskan Malamute) and trains him to pull a sled. He enters his team in a race even though he only has three dogs. Once again, the locals do not like the dog because he has killed livestock, and they do not want him to run in the race. Kayla is based on a novel called Three Dog Winter.

    You can get them on Amazon.com:



    And check out the movie dog blog if you're into dog movies! reeldogs.blogspot.com

    Source(s): I own both films
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    Well it is definitely Not Balto, Balto was a Siberian Husky sled dog who led his team on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome. And is nothing like what your asking about. And the movie took such great liberty with the real story that they should not have even used the name:


    Sorry i don't know the movie you want, but I can help you eliminate some choices. And maybe it is on this list?


    Silver Wolf?

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    Only movie about a dog being a wolf or half-wolf is Balto. It's not about racing though. There are some sick kids, Balto goes out to help a dog sled team get the vaccine back to the town.

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    the half wolf sled dog movie that comes to mind is Balto. There are 3 movies.

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    Was it White Fang- starring Ethan Hawke?

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    im looking for a movie its about a boy run in to a montin man and his dog

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    I thinks its white fang

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    What a good question

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