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Would I benefit more to be an Officer or Enlist if I want to pursue a job with the FBI, CIA, ATF,etc?

Becoming federal agent is getting more and more challenging and I would like military experience in order to help my chances, but would like to know which would benefit me more, Enlisting or Officer?

I will be graduating from college with a bachelors degree in Information Technology this fall.

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    If you are graduating from college, you should become an Officer. You will have much more opportunities as an officer in the military and you will get better pay.

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    You don't need military service to apply to any of those positions. The FBI and CIA accept people all the time with just the degree. Granted, military service may make you more appealing, but considering that you will be a lot older after you get out, you should consider just applying to the organization you want.

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    Your IT degree isn't going to help with the federal job. Best bet-go CID.

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    Take your degree and just apply for those jobs. You are bound to get one.

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