How to fix Windows Blue Screen Error ?

This error occurs while running a presentation with OpenOffice Impress...


This error occurs while running a presentation with OpenOffice Impress.

Update 2:

OK, I fixed the error by myself...

Control Panel<Display<Settings(TAB)<For Advanced<Troubleshooting(TAB)<Hardware Acceleration<None

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    The Windows operating system constantly refers to the registry to get information about all of the components such as hardware and software which are installed on the computer. The registry tells Windows what to do and how to access the various programs, files, and processes.However, the registry can contain bad information which sends Windows off doing useless tasks or running unneeded routines. Sometimes errors occur including the blue screen of death. Other times the system slows down. Because of the sheer number of factors that can affect the registry, there’s no one size fits all approach. You can’t just go into the registry and remove the bad information because it’s nearly impossible to decipher which information is good and which information is bad. That’s a job better suited for software. I should like to commend Registry Easy to you ! You can try ! Good luck!

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    1 decade ago


    There are 3 step to repair windows blue screen error

    My friend had the same problem with you. I am sure your computer has registry problems.It is very easy to repair windows blue screen error. you just need 3 steps:

    1: Download a registry cleaner and install it.

    2: Open the registry cleaner and scan you computer for free.

    3: Click fix button and you done.

    Download the top windows blue screen error repair tool here:

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  • 1 decade ago

    Are You Able To Access Your Windows ?

    Or Does It Persist Everytime You Open ? If You're Unable To Access Your Windows , Then You Will Have To Boot Up From Your Re-Installation CD .

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  • 1 decade ago

    the problem with Windows application software, is it is not compatible with anything other than windows Application software,

    first it would be nice to know what you trying to accomplish

    Are you doing a presentation using OO Impress

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