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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 1 decade ago

WTH is Tide,as in Alabama Crimson Tide?

How did this name originate,and what is it?

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    1900 Offensive formationIn early newspaper accounts of Alabama football, the team was simply listed as the "varsity" or the "Crimson White" after the school colors.

    The first nickname to become popular and used by headline writers was the "Thin Red Line." The nickname was used until 1906.

    The name "Crimson Tide" is supposed to have first been used by Hugh Roberts, former sports editor of the Birmingham Age-Herald. He used "Crimson Tide" in describing an Alabama-Auburn game played in Birmingham in 1907, the last football contest between the two schools until 1948 when the series was resumed. The game was played in a sea of mud and Auburn was a heavy favorite to win.

    But, evidently, the "Thin Red Line" played a great game in the red mud and held Auburn to a 6-6 tie, thus gaining the name "Crimson Tide." Zipp Newman, former sports editor of the Birmingham News, probably popularized the name more than any other writer.

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    The term was apparently first used by Hugh Roberts, a Birmingham newspaper reporter in his description of the muddy game between Alabama and Auburn in 1907. The two hated each other so much that, despite being charter members (1932) of the SEC, they couldn't agree to terms for another game against each other until 1947 for the now-famous "Iron Bowl."

    The idea of the Crimson Tide monicker is that you can't hold back the team any more than you can hold back the tide.

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    They call Alabama the Crimson Tide call me Deacon Blue.

    Source(s): Steely Dan's lyrics
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    And their mascot is an Elephant lol wtf?

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