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I think windows automatic updates is giving me blue screens?

Just recently I started getting non stop blue screens from 3AM til I get tired of dealing with it and go to sleep. During the day everything is fine, i leave my laptop on and use it frequently throughout the day with no blue screens but then as soon as 3AM rolls around i get these non stop blue screens and the message would vary, roughly 2-3 different ones altogether. I checked Windows Security Center and went to the Automatic updates and saw that it is set to automatically update every day at 3AM and this is the exact time I start getting problems. So why would this give me blue screens and why did it just now start giving me problems when i never made any changes to it or installed anything recently.

It seems like when that Service software distribution 3.0 thing installs itself thats when I get the bluescreen.

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    Set it so that Service Software Distribution is not to be installed (hidden update) and then update any other avaiable software. Now reboot and run a full system scan with your AV to make sure no malware is playing a part in the problem.

    If your scan comes up clean, wait and see if preventing SSD from installing solves the problem. If so leave it hidden.

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    The Windows operating system constantly refers to the registry to get information about all of the components such as hardware and software which are installed on the computer. The registry tells Windows what to do and how to access the various programs, files, and processes.However, the registry can contain bad information which sends Windows off doing useless tasks or running unneeded routines. Sometimes errors occur including the blue screen of death. Other times the system slows down. Because of the sheer number of factors that can affect the registry, there’s no one size fits all approach. You can’t just go into the registry and remove the bad information because it’s nearly impossible to decipher which information is good and which information is bad. That’s a job better suited for software. I should like to commend Registry Easy to you ! You can try ! Good luck!

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    try changing that time and see what happens

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    i think that your computer is

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