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關於影片的英翻中 很急!!!二十點!!

Between 5~10 percent of children have problems developing in speech language. Problems may current some children because they bring the wild differently or because of hearing lost. Children don’t know outgrowth with these problems. Difficulties in speech can slow the learning and social interaction. If you suspect the problem, there are certified professional who can help. The professionals could evaluate, diagnose, and treat communication problems are speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Ensure you work appropriate educated and qualified professionals, all certified professionals hold posted graduate degrees and work hundreds of clinical hours and have passed the national exam. Speech-language pathologists work in individuals with speech and language difficulties. They are knowledgeable speech-language development and with the help. Speech-language pathologists are evaluated speech and language skills by testing and observing the children play and interacting families and others. If problems exist, speech and language pathologists work with family to set goal and develop treatment plans from proving skills.

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    在孩子的5~10%之間有問題開發在講話語言。 因為他們帶來狂放不同地或由於失去的聽力問題可以潮流有些孩子。 孩子不知道分枝以這些問題。 困難在講話可能減慢學習和社會互作用。 如果您懷疑問題,有可幫助的被證明的專家。 專家可能評估,診斷,并且款待通信問題是講話語言病理學家和audiologists。 保證您工作適當的教育和具有資格的專家、所有被證明的專家舉行張貼畢業生程度和工作數百臨床小時和通過了全國檢查。 講話語言病理學家在個體工作有講話和語言困難。 他們是博學的講話語言發展和在幫助下。 講話語言病理學家是被評估的講話和語言技能通過測試和觀察兒童遊戲和互動的家庭和其他。 如果問題存在,講話和語言病理學家與家庭一起使用制定目標和開發治療計劃從證明技能。

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