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    What color are your passes? 登船卡是甚麼顏色?

    Six months ago, I was made aware of a situation so devastating that 六個月前 我得知了一個令人非常絕望的消息

    at first I refused to believe it. 一開始 我不願相信這是真的

    However, 然而

    through the concerted efforts of our brightest scientists,經過各國科學家不斷的努力

    we have confirmed its validity. 我們已經確認了

    The world as we know it will soon come to an end. 我們的世界 我們的地球 將要毀滅

    Easy! That's a 600 dollar jacket 嘿 小心點 那外套可是很貴的

    I'm a dead man. 我死定了

    I thought we'd have more time. 我以為還有很多時間

    Hey, Kate, I'm practically on the freeway right now. 嗨 凱特 我現在上已經高速公路了

    Yes, I'm rolling towards you as we speak. 我在路上了 我馬上就到了

    Listen to me. I've rented a plane, pack up the kids, 聽我說 我租了飛機 幫孩子打包

    What are you talking about? 你在說甚麼

    Kate, California is going down. 凱特 加州快要完蛋了

    The last day of the United States of America 這是美國的最後一天

    Final hour of all mankind. 人類最後的時刻

    As we will be visible from the Milky Way as a tiny little puff of smoke. 我們將會成為 銀河裡的小小的星塵

    I'm watching the Earth crumble before my eyes. 我正看著地球在眼前土崩瓦解

    The giant ash cloud created by this super volcano will first envelop Vegas, 這個超級火山揚起的火山灰會先籠罩拉斯維加斯

    and then St. Louis 然後是聖路易

    and then Chicago, 接著是芝加哥

    and then at long last, 最後

    Washington D.C. will have its lights go out. 華盛頓特區的燈火將會熄滅

    I have goosebumps, people! 我都起雞皮疙瘩了 人們

    I wish you could see what I'm seeing, people. 各位真希望你們能看到 我眼前的景象

    I wish you could be here with me! 真希望你們此刻和我在一起

    Oh, baby! 快來吧!

    Bring it on! 千萬要記住

    Always remember folks: 首先告訴你們

    You heard it first from Charlie! 這個消息的是…查理

    Jesus, what did you think? 老天,你以為是怎樣?

    We're all just gonna get on board, 所有人都能上船

    hold hands and sing Kumbaya? 手拉手唱聖歌?

    Sit down and buckle up. 坐下!繫好安全帶

    You got a billion Euros? 你有十億歐元嗎?

    Wasn't it also decided that people have the right to fight for their lives,高峰會也不決定了人們有權為自己的生存鬥爭

    1 minute to impact 距離衝擊時間剩一分鐘

    Professor? It's Air Force One. 教授 那是空軍一號

    Impact warning 衝撞警告

    Target elevation29.035 feet 目標高度29.035英呎

    29.000 feet? What the hell is at 29.000 feet? 29.000英呎?甚麼東西29.000英呎?

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