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Who are some well known creationists?

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    Dr. Bob Compton, DVM

    Dr. Ken Cumming, Biologist

    Dr. Jack W. Cuozzo, Dentist

    Dr. William M. Curtis III, Th.D., Th.M., M.S., Aeronautics & Nuclear Physics

    Dr. Malcolm Cutchins, Aerospace Engineering

    Dr. Lionel Dahmer, Analytical Chemist

    Dr. Raymond V. Damadian, M.D., Pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging

    Dr. Chris Darnbrough, Biochemist

    Dr. Nancy M. Darrall, Botany

    Dr. Bryan Dawson, Mathematics

    Dr. Douglas Dean, Biological Chemistry

    Prof. Stephen W. Deckard, Assistant Professor of Education

    Dr. David A. DeWitt, Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience

    Dr. Don DeYoung, Astronomy, atmospheric physics, M.Div

    Dr. Geoff Downes, Creationist Plant Physiologist

    Dr. Ted Driggers, Operations research

    Robert H. Eckel, Medical Research

    Dr. André Eggen, Geneticist

    Dr. Dudley Eirich, Molecular Biologist

    Prof. Dennis L. Englin, Professor of Geophysics

    Prof. Danny Faulkner, Astronomy

    Prof. Carl B. Fliermans, Professor of Biology

    Prof. Dwain L. Ford, Organic Chemistry

    Prof. Robert H. Franks, Associate Professor of Biology

    Dr. Alan Galbraith, Watershed Science

    Dr. Paul Giem, Medical Research

    Dr. Maciej Giertych, Geneticist

    Dr. Duane Gish, Biochemist

    Dr. Werner Gitt, Information Scientist

    Dr. Warwick Glover, General Surgeon

    Dr. D.B. Gower, Biochemistry

    Dr. Robin Greer, Chemist, History

    Dr. Stephen Grocott, Chemist

    Dr. Donald Hamann, Food Scientist

    Dr. Barry Harker, Philosopher

    Dr. Charles W. Harrison, Applied Physicist, Electromagnetics

    Dr. John Hartnett, Physics

    Dr. Mark Harwood, Engineering (satellite specialist)

    Dr. George Hawke, Environmental Scientist

    Dr. Margaret Helder, Science Editor, Botanist

    Dr. Harold R. Henry, Engineer

    Dr. Jonathan Henry, Astronomy

    Dr. Joseph Henson, Entomologist

    Dr. Robert A. Herrmann, Professor of Mathematics, US Naval Academy

    Dr. Andrew Hodge, Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgical Service

    Dr. Kelly Hollowell, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacologist

    Dr. Ed Holroyd, III, Atmospheric Science

    Dr. Bob Hosken, Biochemistry

    Dr. George F. Howe, Botany

    Dr. Neil Huber, Physical Anthropologist

    Dr. James A. Huggins, Professor and Chair, Department of Biology

    Dr. Russ Humphreys, Physics

    Evan Jamieson, Hydrometallurgy

    George T. Javor, Biochemistry

    Dr. Pierre Jerlström, Molecular Biology

    Dr. Arthur Jones, Biology

    Dr. Jonathan W. Jones, Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Raymond Jones, Agricultural Scientist

    Prof. Leonid Korochkin, Molecular Biology

    Dr. Valery Karpounin, Mathematical Sciences, Logics, Formal Logics

    Dr. Dean Kenyon, Biologist

    Prof. Gi-Tai Kim, Biology

    Prof. Harriet Kim, Biochemistry

    Prof. Jong-Bai Kim, Biochemistry

    Prof. Jung-Han Kim, Biochemistry

    Prof. Jung-Wook Kim, Environmental Science

    Prof. Kyoung-Rai Kim, Analytical Chemistry

    Prof. Kyoung-Tai Kim, Genetic Engineering

    Prof. Young-Gil Kim, Materials Science

    Prof. Young In Kim, Engineering

    Dr. John W. Klotz, Biologist

    Dr. Vladimir F. Kondalenko, Cytology/Cell Pathology

    Dr. Leonid Korochkin, M.D., Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology

    Dr. John K.G. Kramer, Biochemistry

    Dr. Johan Kruger, Zoology

    Prof. Jin-Hyouk Kwon, Physics

    Prof. Myung-Sang Kwon, Immunology

    Dr. John Leslie, Biochemist

    Dr. Jason Lisle, Astrophysicist

    Dr. Alan Love, Chemist

    Dr. Ian Macreadie, molecular biologist and microbiologist:

    Dr. John Marcus, Molecular Biologist

    Dr. Ronald C. Marks, Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Dr. George Marshall, Eye Disease Researcher

    Dr. Ralph Matthews, Radiation Chemist

    Dr. John McEwan, Chemist

    Prof. Andy McIntosh, Combustion theory, aerodynamics

    Dr. David Menton, Anatomist

    Dr. Angela Meyer, Creationist Plant Physiologist

    Dr. John Meyer, Physiologist

    Dr. Albert Mills, Animal Embryologist/Reproductive Physiologist

    Colin W. Mitchell, Geography

    Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Physician

    Dr. John N. Moore, Science Educator

    Dr. John W. Moreland, Mechanical engineer and Dentist

    Dr. Henry M. Morris (1918–2006), founder of the Institute for Creation Research.

    Dr. Arlton C. Murray, Paleontologist

    Dr. John D. Morris, Geologist

    Dr. Len Morris, Physiologist

    Dr. Graeme Mortimer, Geologist

    Dr. Terry Mortenson, History of Geology

    Stanley A. Mumma, Architectural Engineering

    Prof. Hee-Choon No, Nuclear Engineering

    Dr. Eric Norman, Biomedical researcher

    Dr. David Oderberg, Philosopher

    Prof. John Oller, Linguistics

    Prof. Chris D. Osborne, Assistant Professor of Biology

    Dr. John Osgood, Medical Practitioner

    Dr. Charles Pallaghy, Botanist

    Dr. Gary E. Parker, Biologist, Cognate in Geology (Paleontology)

    Dr. David Pennington, Plastic Surgeon

    Prof. Richard Porter

    Dr. Georgia Purdom, Molecular Genetics

    Dr. John Rankin, Cosmologist

    Dr. A.S. Reece, M.D.

    Prof. J. Rendle-Short, Pediatrics

    Dr. Jung-Goo Roe, Biology

    Dr. David Rosevear, Chemist

    Dr. Ariel A. Roth, Biology

    Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, Physical Chemistry

    Dr. Joachim Scheven Palaeontologist:

    Dr. Ian Scott, Educator


    Source(s): See above link for the full list
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    Famous Creationists

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    Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, Kent Hovind, Benny Hinn

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    Ray Comfort

    Ken Ham

    Kent Hovind

    Chuck Missler

    John Pendleton

    Ben Stein

    Schmuely Boteach

    Zakir Naik

    Harun Yahya

    And yours truly of course

    Source(s): @ Khalil How many of those people know they are on that list? Here's a non relevant but fun fact, Lionel Dahmer (the analytical chemist)had a son named Jeffry guess what he's famous for?
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    "Crocoduck" Kirk Cameron,

    Ray "Banana Man" Comfort,

    Kent "Imprisoned for Tax Fraud" Hovind,

    former(?) comedian Ben Stein,

    the reducibly not-so-complex Michael Behe,

    George "pretzel-choking" W. Bush,

    and the ironic living dinosaur Duane Gish.

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    Ted Haggard, George Bush, Mike Huckabee, Michael Behe.

    How could I forget the way of the master....Ray "Banana Man" Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

    and Sarah Palin...

    Source(s): TBF
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    Tragically Ben Stein is an Intelligent Design proponent. *sigh* and I always thought he was cool. I used to watch "win Ben Stein's money" because it was the only non-stupid game style show in existence. Just tragic.

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    Ken Ham, Kent Hovind and Ray Comfort (aka. The guy that's stupid enough to believe we can evolve remote control hands).

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    johnny cash

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    Source(s): He us dead now.
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