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How to obtain a copy of a federal court decision?

I'm looking for the text, or at least a summary, of Medina-Hincapie v. DOS 700 F.2d 737 (DC Cir. 1983). Apparently it's a case related to making visa request records private under FOIA by the US Department of State.

The federal DC Court of Appeals appears to want $45 before it even begins to search for and provide me with the text. I think that's way too much to pay. (Besides, court cases are decisions made on public laws that affect citizens, and I don't believe citizens should have to pay $45 to see the case summary to understand the decision on a law that the citizen is expected to adhere to.)

I'm about to look on Amazon and some other places with books to see what I can find, but any guidance on this would help, particularly of someone knows of a summary available online. I suppose I could always do it the old fashioned way and visit a library, too. It may come to that!

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    Cornell Law School has a site that provides the text of many cases in the federal system. Go to and type "Medina-Hincapie" in the search box. I'll bet you find the case in full text. I did.

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