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In need of some inspiration. Really desperate here. Any suggestions?

The question says it all. Basically, I'm stuck, I can't write, and I need something to help boost me. Ideas have been swirling in my head, but I don't feel the need to write it all down. I want to write for fun, but I've just been too tense, I suppose.

Suggestions? Advice? Anything would be appreciated, thanks!

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    As for the swirling-idea-ness; I recommend writing down anything-a scrap of a sentence, a concept, whatever- on anything nearby. Whether it be a doodle or an actual sentence, I'm serious. Write it down on whatever's nearby...even if it's your arm.

    As for the tenseness; GO EAT SOME CHOCOLATE. And listen to music. Or read. Or take a nap.

    And here are some prompts to help un-stick you:

    A girl who's soul is trapped in a candle-and her face is visible everytime the candle is lit, but the more the wax melts away, the more she dies...

    "You'll be the death of millions!"

    She was told never to open the locket under any circumstances, and to never wear it with the color blue.

    (Those were totally off the top of my head =P)

    Hope I could help!

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    good- i am not certain if I would be of any support. But consumerism, which means that equating of private happiness, correct? So to me, the rain makes me blissful - so i am guessing your paintings will probably be summary- and that i would see like a tender lady walking via the rain- Music additionally makes me blissful, so perhaps song notes within the wind - or an ipod fading into the historical past- umm... religion- good, i consider in god - so perhaps you would have a dove or a rainbow *b/c a rainbow was once a signal from god promising by no means to ship a flood* - otherwise you would have a work of paper torn from the bible - however that is simply me- i am not certain if any of this will probably be any support- I'm no longer rather an artist- I like watching at artwork-paintings and arising w/ strategies - I simply consider "within the moments". - and I love while artwork displays on some thing - a work of labor that rather does not inform you what it's speaking approximately - you simply have got to appear within of it - and relate to it and then you definitely realise. wish this is helping tho and well success! :)

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    When that happens to me I find I like to pull out a few books I have already read. I always pull out the same books by my favorite author. Don't concentrate on the words just the writing. It helps me to fall back into the fun part of writing. To see how well your favorites authors use words, play with them and guide you to where they want you. That always helps me.

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