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Fractured cannon bone?

So I want to do eventing with my horse Grader. He is a 10 year old off the track race horse and had a previously fractured cannon bone from racing. I want to do eventing with him and he's a good jumper and great at dressage however I want to do eventing with him and that means he will have to do cross country. He hasn't shown any signs of lameness (as far as his fracture goes) since April of 2009 and I hope to go to the USEA's AEC ( United States Eventing Association, American Eventing Championships) in 2010. I have been told by the vet that its my choice and I just want a few other opinions about it, I have galloped him and jumped him outside and he was fine. so do you think it is okay to event him??

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    April 2009 was not a long time ago. Do you have films on him? Was it a simple fracture? Was it repaired with pins or screws or plates? Has he formed accelerated arthritis in the bone or leg since the accident? Are you giving him supplements for arthritis?

    You are asking a lot of this horse. You need more information from what you have given above before making a decision. You didn't mention which leg it is. If it is the inside leg for the circles, it could be a factor. Eventing is very hard on horse and rider and the events are successive so it takes great stamina and your horse would need to be trained to be in excellent physical condition so a conditioning program would need to be implemented on a daily basis to bring him up to condition overall, structurally and cardiovascularly. Either way, get as much information as you can before deciding. A fracture of the cannon is a critical injury for a horse. Find out as much as you can about the severity and treatment and outcome other than they did take him off the track - not a good sign.

    Your vet is going to let you make the decision so that if the horse breaks down, he will not be responsible. that is pretty typical and a reasonable standpoint. You should consider carefully.

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    What level would you be eventing at? If he has stayed sound with regular work and jumping Beginner Novice or perhaps even Novice eventing would probably be okay so long as you were careful with him. Your vet is just saying it is up to you? In what sense? If it is in the sense that it is up to you because he would be fine either way then go for it! If it is in the sense that it is up to you because the vet doesn't think you should but he/she can't force you not to do it than definitely not. If you're unsure ask again or get another professional veterinary opinion.

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    This may be expensive, but if you really want to event him that badly then I personally think it would be worth it.

    Get some xrays done and then get a few different vets opinions.

    EDIT: Also keep splint boots on him especially when doing any form of jumping. Make sure that his legs are well protected.

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    I'd say it is, if you take it easy. But of course at the littlest sign of lameness, just stop. And like somebody else mentioned- it's would be a good idea to build up strength in that leg over the winter.

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  • I would say it would be fine but take it slow over the winter and get strength built up in the leg. Go to a few more vets and see what there opinions are,,,, also make sure he has plenty of protetion and make sure he is ready before u go. GOOD LUCK

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