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Sent the CEO of at&t a letter you think itll get anywhere?

I was a loyal AT&T customer for more than 2 years, everything was fine until I relocated. I have no service at my new residence and I have been going through this for the past 2-3 months. I just wanted everything to me smooth and to be over with but AT&T’s customer service is horrible. I have been told numerous times that this issue has been resolved, and then I get a phone call back stating otherwise. I was told my early termination fees would be waved if I proved by faxing a document that showed my address. I have faxed a landline cable bill numerous times. I have been transferred to the relocation's department, speaking with a lady named Princess Mitchell. She was the first understanding representative, unlike the representatives prior to that who I have spoken with. This is when I faxed the cable bill showing my new address the first time. I had spoke to her sometime in October and she had told me that I would receive a phone call back from her the following Thursday. That Thursday had passed and I had not received one phone call from anyone. An update would have been amazing, but because of the lack customer service I had not received one. So I called back for a follow up and was told the waive was not approved because the billing address did not match up to the paper I faxed. Which at that time the old address was still on my account and I changed the address on the account. I had to re-fax my information for the second time, and was promised another follow-up call in five days. Five days had gone by and again no phone call. I called back and this time I was told that on the map it showed that I have coverage. I’m quite sure if I had coverage, I wouldn’t be calling with complaints. So I told them and had to fax the bill over again because someone from the executive response team had called me. Then I was told when they received the fax, that my address did not exist, furthermore that if I did not pay the bill that it would be sent to a collection agency. And what aggravated me was before all this happened, Rasheema (another one of your professional representatives) told me that it would be taken care of. I then received a phone call back from her three weeks later telling me the early termination fees were not going to be waived. Prior to this, I was informed that as long as I was able to prove my residence, there would be no conflict with waiving the early termination fees. So I’m curious as to what kind of scam this is, because I’m not paying a $650+ cell phone bill. Just to inform you, I also made numerous complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Better Business Bureau (BBB); regarding this issue. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter. You can respond to this email. Or you can reach me at *********

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    I easily have a feeling the CEO's are those answerable for the chain letters. and those letters that come interior the mail with the paper prayer mat and all the pretend testimonials: "I prayed over this paper prayer mat and Jeebus blessed me with a Cadillac Escalade...thank you jeebus!" -- Mary M., Montclair N.J.

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