I Need to Buy Chrsitmas Gifts and Need Help!?

Hi Everyone!

I'm having a MAJOR holiday dilema.

I have four people I want to buy gifts for, and I have absolutely no clue what to get anyone. I was hoping that by listing some of thier interests, maybe someone could suggest something for me to buy:

Person 1: Male. Likes wrestling, but not to the point of wanting WWE or ECW merchandise. Enjoys old comedies like Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges. Doesn't really like to recieve clothing as a gift.

Person 2: Female: Big fan of Michael Jackson (saw This Is It twice) Her favorite color is pink and her style is a mix of emo and "Gossip Girl" I know, weird, right? But her gift is important because I know she's getting me a high priced gift and I know I have to get her one.

Person 3: Female Intellectual, and plus sized. Likes Michael Jackson--but not as much as person 2--doesn't wear make up and her style is much more sedated.

Person 4: Male. Intellectual. Loves wrestling and anime. He's cute, but I can't buy him anything "intimate" because he "plays for the other team" and has a boyfriend. But I do want to get him something nice too.

Thanks so much!


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    I'm big on handmade stuff, but not overly crafty, I have to be able to make it quick, easy and cheap.

    Last year I made 35 cornbags and they were well received. They can be either a hot or cold pack (mircorwave or freezer). They hold heat or cold for hours. I like to put mine in the microwave and toss it in the foot of my bed before going to bed - or put my feet on it after being out in the cold.

    They are simple. Take the bottom foot or 18 inches off the legs of an old pair of jeans. Turn them inside out and stitch the bottom end shut. Then stitch the top side half way. Turn them right side out.

    Buy a bag of whole corn from a feed store or a place that sells bird and squirrel feed. If it comes on the cob, simply strip it off. Then rinse it with water and let it dry. When it's dry, pour each bag 2/3 full of corn and stitch the opening closed.

    Type up an "instructions" card and you're finished. Takes about 10 minutes total per bag and I've never had anybody tell me they didn't like theirs.

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