How to copy my facebook page?

ok so for a school assignment we are to make something creative about a person (biography) and I thought it would be pretty cool to make a facebook page for my selected topic. I have had trouble copying the facebook page so that i can edit it to put his name in and add dead people to be his friends and to chat with him. I have tried the simple select all and copy paste idea but that doesn't work, does anyone know how to copy the entire look of a web page (facebook to be exact) and paste it to some sort of FREE program (or microsoft word,ppt, etc) which would allow me to edit it to make it look different?

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    You can try pressing the "print scr" button or "prntscr" button on your keyboard. its different for every keyboard but it should be there. mine is near the numbers and the insert key. Anyways, press that button and it pretty much takes a picture of your whole screen, including the images and words and toolbar, etc. you can try messing around with that. MS paint is a free basic program that you can use. ( i use it all the time to store my screenshots )

    edit : but if you use this method, the whole webpage turns into a picture. this picture cannot move at all, so animations would stop moving, etc.

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  • krabel
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    4 years ago

    The Only Thing you Can Do is Block The People Try Changing the Privacy Settings of the Photos you Can Do That However if its A Like Page than you Cant Change the Privacy Settings Of the Photos i Would Also File a Report to Facebook About all this Suspicious Behavior you Can Contact Facebook on the Help Center

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    7 years ago

    hey i don't have to print i just want to take the pic n send to another person

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