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what to do ive had my dog for 3 years hes 3yrs old and acouple of days ago he bit me should i get of him or no?

i dont know what to do ive had my dog since he was born hes 3 now and acouple daysd ago my husbend and i were playing aorund and he bit me. he has not ever done it before and he dosnt show any aggresion now nor before should i get rid of him or no i really dont want to but is he more prone to attack me not that hes already bittin me or should i not worry

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    Has this dog been a part of your family for 3 years? If he has then why would you just throw him away. You need to understand what happened, what caused the bite and why. That means you need to get involved in training him. Don't throw him away. You owe him the chance to understand him and fix the problem.

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    No, it's not recommended to get rid of him as your 1st option. As someone else stated, seek an animal behaviorist/dog trainer. Without any other information-It's possible that he thought you were "attacking" your husband, especially if he see's your husband as the Alpha of the pack, or he could of thought that your husband was "attacking" you & was just following his leader. I'm curious as to what you or your husband did after the bite? The dog will sense if you're now fearful of him & it may or may not change your (lowering) status on the K-9 totem poll, therefore he may display more dominance towards you. (Dominance doesn't necessarily mean aggression.)

    Either way, if you've never had behavior problems before this, after this & he's been apart of your family for 3 years, getting rid of him should be a Last resort. If that does become a real option for whatever reason, he most likely won't get a home, he'll be euthanized. You can't pass on a pet to another family with unresolved behavior problems, just to pass on the behavior for someone else to deal with & that's if your honest with the dogs problems & could actually find someone to take him. Shelters will just "put him down".

    Most people humanize dogs (We can't help it!) & are unaware that no matter how domesticated dogs are, they are still pack animals & live there lives according to the laws of the pack.

    Try to educate yourself on K-9/Wolf pack behavior by talking to a trainer or research info on the internet & that will give you some insite into the behavior of dogs. Good luck!

    Source(s): I've been a Vet tech for 12 years & have attended Animal Behavior conferences. My mother was a Vet tech for 25 years & is currently an animal behaviorist in NJ.
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    No you should not get rid of him, please do not even consider that. Think of all the mistakes you made in life and did your love ones and family give up on you. If he has no history of aggression you have no major concerns. You have to realize that it is NOT how we perceive things it is how a dog perceives things. You and your husbands horse play instigated the situation. Your dog may have been playing or perceived you as a threat or an aggressor. With the circumstances your dog was not at fault and is not dangerous. However any unwanted behavior needs to be addressed. Wether by your husband, you and a behavior specialist. Your dog is not a threat, the incident occurred because of the two of you. It is easily corrected and you do not have a dangerous dog. Do not worry.

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    What do you mean by 'playing around'? If you mean play fighting and making lots of noise then I have your answer, because my dog will do exactly the same.

    Because your dog bit you, not your husband, I'm guessing he thinks of your husband as the 'alpha male' or 'pack leader' and feels as though it's his duty to protect him and allow him to remain pack leader. If you are both making lots of noise he may have interpreted that as you hurting him so he bit you. My dog has lunged at us, barking her head off before now because we were play fighting and she thought I was hurting my dad, who she adores!

    I am incredibly sure that this was the cause of him biting you if he's never been aggressive before. However, dogs are always testing the dominence boundaries within the household. You are his 'pack' and he thinks of you like other dogs, not 'parents' or 'family'. There are a couple of other main causes that could have caused him to bite you:

    1. testing his dominence - you should never let him get away with biting you, another dog wouldn't. Don't hit him though, just make some noise and push him away from you then ignore him until the behaviour stops.

    2. excitement - other dogs nip each other in play and he could have just acted as he would with another dog.

    3. fear/pain - if dogs are in pain or frightened they might suddenly act out. This is not aggressive behaviour. It is a survival instinct.

    I hope you find the cause, and if it happens again please consult a professional :) Good luck.

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    From your description, it is impossible to know why the dog bit you. Was it an accident? Was it an attack? Was it defensive, was it a reflex from getting hurt? Is the dog responding to a health problem that makes him aggressive?

    Please, consult with your vet to get a thorough understanding. Please, consider additional professional help from a trainer. If it was anything, but an accident it is unacceptable. If it was only an accident, then you need to train your dog to be more careful. If it was a reflex, then you have a more serious training problem. If it was aggression, then you have an even more serious problem.

    You have a lot of homework to do before you abandon your family member.

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    First i could propose a vet verify to make certain that your canines isn't having any well-being issues that would characteristic to her habit. If the veterinarian unearths no longer something incorrect i could then touch a stable, beneficial, obedience coach. it sort of feels to me that your Mastiff develop into the better %. member and your toddlers and the JRT have been below and since the Mastiff is now long gone your JRT is attempting to be certain dominance or assert herself up the ladder interior the pecking order. With the help of a coach you may build a extra beneficial bond between your self, your toddlers and the canines and at that element prepare your canines her suited place interior the pecking order. stable success.

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    you did say you were playing with the dog didn't you? why would the dog be in pain and playing(question for other peopel that anwered) I think it was a random inscident that probally wont happen again i mean all it could have been was when he was a puppy nobody showed him the right was tro play like when he bites too hard stop him and correct. I think if this were to happen in the context of in no way was he provocted or ingaged with do anything to be worried.

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    You need to figure out what exactly happened leading up to him biting you and ask your vet about it. Has something changed recently in your house? My boyfriend's parents have a 12 year old Jack Russel and when we bring our new puppy over, the Jack has to outside because she doesn't like the puppy and tries to attack her. Now the Jack is starting to be more aggressive towards the family and even bit my boyfriend's dad when he tried to get something from her. We have started bringing the puppy over less and letting the Jack in the house more so that she doesn't feel pushed away and she is getting better tempered.

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    This happens with my dog, he see's me and my hubby wrestle so he attacks me or him. They do this because they think you are being attack by ur partner, so he probably thought you were attacking your husband so he bit you. Next time tell him biting is no good so he can understand and try not to play around in front of him or he will think its ok to bite and defend.

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    My dog never bit me, then when she was 14 she did and alarm bells started ringing....

    When a normally docile dog bites, it is time to get worried and call a vet since the dog may be in pain. Even the friendliest dog in the world will try to bite you if it is hurting somewhere. It might be worthwhile getting your dog to the vets, don't give him away just because of this.

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