Can you make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar?

Can you make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar?

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    You can .. though, when I bake with oatmeal, brown sugar just seems to go with it. 100% maple syrup & dark agave syrup works well in a pinch, too. I would guess molasses would work the same. Do you not have any or do you dislike it? Adding extra white sugar is going to give you crispier cookies, so beware if this is what you are thinking of doing !

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    Yes you can. Those types of cookies don't need brown sugar the way a spice cookie would. Use white and it will come out fine. An effective substitution for light brown sugar is 1 cup of white sugar and 1 tablespoon regular (not blackstrap) molasses. Be aware that that this will make your cookies darker in color than the brown sugar would have.

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    If you have molasses add 1/4 c per 1 c white sugar to make brown sugar...If you do not have molasses on hand you can use maple will change the taste a bit but not in an unpleasant way.and it will add the moisture the molasses adds to brown sugar.

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    Yes, if you have molasses. You can use the equivalent of white sugar and molasses to substitute for the brown sugar.

    Brown sugar makes your cookie soft. Molasses added in your recipe also does the same thing.

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    Well, without sugar your cookie will be less tasty and it will be dry.

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