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How to talk to my dad about phimosis?

Im 16 and have phimosis. I want to talk to my dad about it but i have no idea where to start. he has said before that if i had anything to ask him about stuff down there that he would help me but i just dont know what to say and whether i show him the problem or not. can anyone help?

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    Try stretching by yourself first. Many doctors are ignorant of stretching which works better and faster than recovery from surgery.

    Here's a link to my stretching instructions.

    Here's an extract from another version (now no longer on the net).


    If the foreskin is very tight the simplest method is to pull back on the skin (easiest with an erection) so that the opening feels tight and a bit uncomfortable without real pain. Hold that for a few minutes and repeat a few times. Do this a couple of times a day. You will find that soaking in a warm bath will make the skin softer and easier to stretch.

    The major disadvantage with this method occurs when some stretching has been achieved or if the phimosis was mild to begin with. Once the opening is big enough to just fit over the rim of the glans when erect the foreskin is at risk of getting stuck behind it. If this happens a condition know as paraphimosis may develop.

    This is why stretching technique two is probably better once the foreskin opening is big enough to make it almost possible to slide the foreskin back over the glans.


    If the opening becomes sore, or develops splits, stop for a few days and let things heal up. Going at it too fast will only slow things down in the end. Sometimes splits and tightness are due to a fungal or yeast (thrush) infection. Treatment with an antifungal / anti-yeast cream designed for women’s genitals will usually fix this problem. I’ve also seen reports of success with a Hydrocortisone / anti-fungicide mix like “Fungocort”.


    Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin gets stuck behind the glans of an erect penis, trapping the blood that causes the erection in the glans and causing swelling of the foreskin itself. If the foreskin becomes stuck squeeze the head of the penis firmly to force the blood out and try and ease the foreskin forward. Perhaps soaking in the bath or using an oil-based lotion will make this easier. If after many tries you still can’t do this see a doctor or go to a hospital emergency room fast. This is not a common problem but you should be warned of the danger.


    You can either grab each side of the foreskin opening and gently pull on each side of the opening, as shown in the photograph or, even better, insert the ends of two fingers, even the little fingers and pull them gently apart. Stretch the opening in this way until it feels uncomfortably stretched but not actually painful. Hold and repeat as for method one. Once again this is best done after soaking in a warm bath.


    As you stretch and are able to expose more of the glans you may find that it is very sensitive or even painful to touch. You will find it less painful the more you expose and use it and gradually the over-sensitivity will lessen, until all you feel is pleasure. A gentle way to start touching the head is by using the shower spray. Also use water-based lubricant when touching the head directly and this should be more comfortable.


    Sometimes the cause of difficulty in retracting the foreskin is not a tight foreskin opening but a short fraenulum (frenulum), also known as fraenulum breve. This can also be stretched though it is sometimes more difficult to do this. You can grab the underside of the foreskin opening and pull out away from your body until you feel the fraenulum stretching. Or if your foreskin opening is large enough you can pull back on the foreskin until you feel the fraenulum stretching. Hold and repeat as in the foreskin opening stretching methods.

    If the fraenulum can’t be stretched then an alternative to circumcision is a frenuloplasty. It is a simple operation that does not remove any tissue but fixes the problem with minimal healing time.


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    Well my advice would be to try stretching excercises, you don't need a circumcision to fix it, esspecially at 15. At your age the foreskin can stretch pretty well. Just get a full erection, then pull the skin as far back as you can WITHOUT pain and hold it there for 5-10 minutes. Do this around 3 times a day. You don't mention how tight the skin really is. You don't say if you can retract the foreskin when soft. If you can't retract the skin all the way when soft or if you can get it at least half way back hard then I would do the stretching excecises 10 minutes at a time until it gets looser. It's not all that uncommon for a 15 year old to just now be able to retract his skin. Some guys are late bloomers with it. Just work with it and the stretching excercises for a couple months and see what that does for you. They do take a while to cure the whole problem but you should start seeking results after the first two weeks. If you still want to talk to your parents let them know that you want to avoid a circumcision and try all other options first, then let your doctor know that. American doctors tend to be very ignorant about the foreskin and just recommend circumcision without offering other treatment. There is a steroid cream that a doctor can prescribe you that will help the stretching process go faster. -Connor

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    I think you may just want to let your dad know that you would like to get an appointment to see your doctor because you're having a problem with your privates. If he asks what sort of problem, then explain (as best you can) that you think you've got phimosis, what your symptoms are, etc. I would only show him the problem if he asks to see it... and then, I would feel pretty creepy... you could probably say, "I'd prefer not... I'd rather discuss it with the doctor" and I'm sure he'd understand.

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    Are you really sure you have phimosis ??

    Phimosis is a disease. Usually caused by an infection.

    Are you sure it isn't just a tight foreskin ??

    This is quite usual if your penis is growing in puberty.

    It quite often sorts out when you stop growing but you can stretch it in bath by pulling it forward (not back).

    Of course chat to your dad but perhaps you might like to look at link

    which is a forum of other guys with similar problems and see if anything helps you.

    A circumcision is not necessary

    but if you do decide to go to doctor ask for betamethasone ointment 0.05%

    hydrocortisone cream doesn't work.


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    I know it is embarrassing, but it is a health problem. I would tell him that you would like to see a doctor about a guy problem. He will ask why, and then you tell him you can't pull the foreskin over your head to clean it.

    If you want to try, get some lube on a Q-tip and coat your head, then try to work your foreskin over the head. The skin will stretch over time. If it is too tight, you might consider a surgical trim, not a complete circumcision, just enough to get the head out.

    Good luck,

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    If he already told you if you have problems about stuff down there:it opened the door to talk to him about it.

    Just tell him:"dad I might have a problem with my penis".

    If he wants to know what the problem is:try to explain it the best you can:then he will take you to the DR.

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    Only talk to your dad if you want to. You should ask him to make you an appointment at the doctors, but, by no means do you have to tell your dad about it if you do not want to. I would advise that you just mention your concerns to him in private.

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    You should be able to just explain the problem, and ask him to take you to the doctor's to get a topical steroid cream, which helps loosen the tight foreskin.

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