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What male celebrities haven't........?

Cheated on a spouse?

Ok so I'm disappointed in Tiger, was hoping this whole cheating and abuse thing was just a stupid misunderstanding. I was watching Letterman's top ten on him...while Tom Hanks did "commentary".

And thought.."Gee Tom Hanks, there is a family man type" Googled nope Tom cheated on his first wife, Robin Williams Cheated, Denzel Washington Cheated. Jack Nicholson Cheated. Tom Cruise "rumored" Cheating. Ok lets try older actors...John Wayne Cheated, Humphrey Bogart Cheated, Clark Gable Cheated (my grandmother is going to be so upset)

Obviously I dont know a whole lot of actors names...

Can yall name a male actor who Has Not Cheated on their spouse?

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    Jimmy Stewart was reported to be the only faithful man in Hollywood. There are probably others.

    To respond to Winter Glory:

    Paul Newman - yes he did - he was married when he met Joanne Woodward.

    Will Smith was married when he met Jada.

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    I have no clue, but Hollywood people are there for a reason. They crave attention. They also seem to use recreational drugs more than the average person and are more promiscuous. Tiger is a heavy drinker. A TV show host here in my city interviewed him at a bar a few years back and reported that during the interview, 18 beers were consumed and the host drank only one. Tiger is finding these women, or they are finding him, in bars. When you are always staying in a hotel on tour with nothing to do between rounds I guess it doesn't take long before an opportunity arises. Part of the problem is the man succumbing to a temptation, while another problem is that there are so many (probably constant) temptations available to certain men.

    Anyway, I'll take a wild guess and say Michael Landon never cheated.

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    Kate Beckinsale ran off with a film producer and left Micheal Sheen. Heather Locklear and Angelina Jolie have a history of cheating with other people's husbands. It's not as though actresses don't cheat as well or simply dump their husbands. I suppose an equal amount of this behavior would feel empowering for women. I never heard of Sir Richard Harris, Peter O Toole, or Derek Jacobi enaging in extra-marital liasons.

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    Most of those guys you names are/were hot (besides Robin and Jack). Now factor in fame and money the odds are in their favor to cheat. Women cheat as well (arguably not as much as men but they still do). Funny how you think STD's would make one not stray but that is just not the case.

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    Tony Blair? I've never heard anything negative about the former P.M.'s marital life. But then he's married to a feminist attorney. Just say-in. Ronald Reagan? Never heard of any rumors of him cheating on Nancy in his youth. Jack Lemon? Jerry Lewis? Dick van Dyke?

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    Kurt Warner the NFL quarterback, fundamentalists, activists

    Not an actor but a celebrity.

    Another Christian male that's into fidelity- Kirk Cameron. The one that used to be on Growing Pains and is doin all them Left Behind movies now. Glad I could be of assistance to you.

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    Paul Newman

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    Paul Newman. RIP. Patrick Swayze. RIP.

    I don't think John Travolta or Will Smith have ever cheated.

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    Hehe, I wrote this on the other question: "A man is basically as faithful as his options. (Chris Rock)"

    True dat. Men want to spread their seed. It's easy for a nice balding 55 year-old postman named Keith to say "I don't cheat on my wife" but young 21 year-old hotties aren't queueing up to suck his dick. Put a horny playgirl on his bed and we'll see how noble he is.

    Edit: Oh and to answer, Paul Newman claims he didn't. Hugh Jackman probably doesn't cheat (with women anyway).

    Edit II: John Travolta is gay. Will Smith and Patrick Swayze could be gay.

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    He's not an actor, but former president Jimmy Carter never had an extramarital affair. He told Playboy magazine that he only lusted after other women in his heart.

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