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POLL: Miley Cyrus or Jamie Lynn Spears?

I'd rather see Jamie Lynn on the cover of Elle or Vanity least Jamie Lynn doesn't ACT innocent....Jamie Lynn might have had a baby but, she never encouraged slutty behavior from young girls....I mean, Mileys fans are little girls!!!! My 7 year old sister watches her show and looks up to her!! Why would I allow her to get these magazines when Miley's dressing like a $2 hooker??? She's suppose to set an example for these kids. She's a piece of $hit....I'm a slu7 but, you'd never guess it from the way I dress. I have CLASS...there's a big difference. She's gonna end up being in a XXX movie before she even turns 18. The way she dresses has DESPERATE written all over her. Why don't you make yourself a LITTLE hard to chase Miley?

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    actually i pick neither... both bad examples... i mean really so wht if jamie lynn never encouraged tht kind of behavior... she still got preggo anyways... tht's as bad as acting like a teen stripper... then again tht's my opinion...

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    Miley Cyrus

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    Source(s): Show this to your sister
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    idk, i guess Jamie bc she isn't an attention whore.

    Miley is really bad at trying to be skanky, Britney was a HOT HOT HOT teen (still is) and made it look classy.. but miley (with all the cell pictures and all) is just a wannabe and shes not very pretty

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    Miley is hard to chase. You refuses to have sex with anyone that doesn't have more money the her. You know for a fact she will eventually have an porn out. She is just like any other 17 year old girl that is blessed with a lot of money I suppose.

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    so agree with you.... my niece is really into her show.. and i get so mad cause she acts retarded... anyways i saw her preform not to long ago... omg... she was using a pole....

    I see as she is desperate to keep her fans or she wants attention... she needs to keep her clothes on... and how the hell did she go from 14 to going on 17 in less that two years.. i swear... Celebs have weird birth dates... it's like they go from 14 to 18 in two years... stay nineteen for 3 then stay in 21 for about ten years....

    Jamie lynn... hey... at least she doesn't act like a retard on tv...

    Source(s): @quantum quack You need to grow some brains idiot... girls don't just act like that... i never acted like that... i never wore and stupid short shorts and little t-shirts... i never took pictures of my self naked and put them all over the web.... and that person your talking about... so what if she turned to porn.. she didn't have 4, 5, 6, 7,... year old girls looking up to her and watching her every move...
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    Jamie Lynn. She puts out. LOL

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    to tell the truth they both not so good for it

    but will go with miley !

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    oh and you're better? thats what all girls do! but I'm not a fan.

    you know what, the girl from family matters, jaimee foxworth, became a porn star. why arent you judging her?

    Source(s): I see people like you always spamming miley's videos on youtube grow some brains!
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    i would choose jamie instead of an annoying brat

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