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請幫我翻譯 ”中翻英” 文法要正確20點

飾演科幻小說家的尊克鍚﹝John Cusack﹞與兒女在黃石公園露營共享天倫,











3.此電影小看了世界各國 努力執行環保的能力

4.廢氣的減少排放 垃圾的分類 資源的珍惜 是我們必須學習的 否則必定走向毀滅之路


6.巨大的甜甜圈在路上翻滾 害的大家看了肚子都很餓

7.錯誤教導小朋友 讓他們以為汽車是能跳躍的


感謝 分成以上三部分翻譯




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    Plays the science fiction writer of fiction to revere gram ﹝John Cusack﹞ and the children in the yellowstone park camping sharing ethics, Actually by mistake rushes to the forbidden area, and has no intention to know that The US government had known in advance in 2012 the Earth will experience the catastrophe, Is carrying out a secret task, good enables the partial person to hide this end world disaster, Therefore he rescues the ex-wife and the child hastily leaves California.


    Movie another clue is the global union establishment marine Noa square boat number, Let the world's the outstanding person and the leader survives in the disaster, with the aim of reconstructing the Earth civilization. These have also included, China's Tibet's project.


    1. movie content -odd exaggeration

    2. the rank smell of blood picture will possibly frighten the child

    3. this movie despised various countries to carry out the environmental protection ability diligently

    4. otherwise waste gas reduced emissions trash's classified resources' treasuri ng is we must study moves toward road of surely the deconstruction

    5. the human nature dangerous surface critical reveals because of the situation

    6. the huge sweet circle tumbled everybody who on the road harmed to look at the belly to be very hungry

    7. taught wrongly the child lets them think the automobile is can jump

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    John Cusack is camping in YellowStone National Park,enjoying his family leisure time with his children camping in YellowStone National Park.But accidently walk into a prohibited area and came to knew that the U.S. government has predicted 2012 will be "doomsday";and operating a secret mission to evacuate only "a minor part" of the society to be secured from this terrible disaster.

    So he start to leave vigorously with his ex-wife and children out from California.

    Another clue is that it reveal a plan of constructing a "NOAH'S ARK" alond with the cross nation over the world,inorder to save all the elite and head of the officials to survive in constructing another civilization.Which includes the Construction of Tibet(還沒看電影,不知講捨麼)]

    1The movie content is too weird and too over-acting.

    2.Bloody scene may shock people(children)

    3.It ignored the world wide effort in protecting the environment.

    4.We have to learn to reduce the rate of air pollution,recycle and classify trashes,learn how valuable is our resources,or else ,we will turn to be victims.

    5.The evil and negative side of humanity are revealed during critical situation.

    6.The huge donut rolling on street make everyone hungry>>(?)

    7.Misguiding children that cars may jump and hop.....=.=(?)

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